offline Legnolax Titan El Dorado
Sunday 31/03/2013, 15:14

Hi all i'm searching specify cards to complete my collection smiley

I'm looking for the 0exp version of the cards listed (I'M NOT LOOKING FOR OTHER CARDS ) and i add a complement (prefer in other cards based on market value or cash smiley )

This is what i have to change all FULL version :

1x Praxie full-> 1x Praxie 0exp

2x Zatman full-> 2x Zatman 0exp

2x Yayoi full-> 2x Yayoi 0exp

2x steve full -> 2x steve 0exp

3x buck full -> 3x buck 0exp

2x liu full -> 2x lui 0exp

2x dorian full -> 2x dorian 0exp

3x c beast full -> 3x c beast 0exp

Blaaster Cr full -> Blaaster Cr 0exp

Vickie Cr full -> Vickie Cr 0exp

Jackie Cr full-> Jackie Cr 0exp

I also search copies of Vickie Cr, Tanaereva Cr and Jackie Cr (i can offer various cards like Tsubame, Charlie, Cortez and other cr such as Marco Cr, Dalhia Cr, Dwain Cr and much more..)

Pm for faster reply
Thanks Mod and F.O.

offline Legnolax Titan El Dorado
Wednesday 10/04/2013, 20:57

Found other (charlie, beast blaaster and praxie) little update:

2x Yayoi full-> 2x Yayoi 0exp

2x Zatman full-> 2x Zatman 0exp

3x Buck full -> 3x Buck 0exp

2x Liu full -> 2x Liu 0exp

2x Dorian full -> 2x Dorian 0exp

2x Marina full -> 2x Marina 0exp

2x Leviatonn full -> 2x Leviatonn 0exp

1x Toro full -> 1x Toro 0exp

1x Mona full -> 1x Mona 0exp

1x Kerry full -> 1x Kerry 0exp

1x Uranus full -> 1x Uranus 0exp

1x Oflgn full -> 1x Oflgn 0exp

3x elvis full -> 3x elvis 0exp

3x taylor full -> 3x taylor 0exp

3x ryuichi full -> 3x ryuichi 0exp

1x diana full -> 1x diana 0exp

1x shakra full -> 1x shakra 0exp

1x Blaaster Cr full -> 1x Blaaster Cr 0exp

2x Vickie Cr full -> 2x Vickie Cr 0exp

3x Jackie Cr full-> 3x Jackie Cr 0exp

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