Monday 01/04/2013, 23:32

I was just wandering while I was building some decks what did people think clans worked best with others?

I mean obviously Rescue are mono but what about the others?
And also what is the basic star order of a deck as I've seem to have forgotten! Is it 5/4/4/3/3/2/2//2

Monday 08/04/2013, 18:59

I did well with a Roots/Fang deck for awhile, all about your style of play really.

Monday 08/04/2013, 21:27

All Stars/ Fang Pi Clang

Wednesday 10/04/2013, 14:03

I was going to say Frozn - Vortex, but Hula_Daisy beat me to it. On the other hand, I think Pussycats could also work well with Frozn, reducing damage while they lose so Frozn's clan bonus can activate.


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