Tuesday 02/04/2013, 15:18

Hey everybody,

To give you more freedom and especially more reactivity on the forum, we decided to switch nearly all forum sections in autovalidation mode (except "Staff's announcements" for now). It will have several effects we are going to watch carefully, the first being flood increasing and off-topic subjects appearance.

Several moderation tools have been released so you will be able to report unsuitable posts or topics. The moderation team will handle those reports and act accordingly. On the right of each post / topic, you will find an option which will allow you to report it to moderators if necessary.

We insist on the fact you are the first players of this novelty and its durability. If rules are respected and discussions take place in a good atmosphere, we will maintain this system ; otherwise, we will go back to the old moderation system.

Anyway please note we will be intransigent about reported insulting / trolling posts. smiley

Have fun ! smiley

Sunday 28/07/2013, 08:46


Sunday 28/07/2013, 13:51

I've noticed A LOT of scam/flood/trolling topics appearing on the forums, since the forum moderation function was updated.

Some players REALLY WANT to keep this the way its been.

Others want to go back to the old way to avoid these topics appearing.

Most, like myself, want BOTH of these things.

There's a very simple solution to this problem:

Simply enforce a level limit on players who are able to automatically post.

Lower levels should be screened by a Moderator (much like the old way)

I suggest we start with a limit of level 20, this can change based on whether this solves the problem or not.

I've closed and reported MANY of these scam threads and they are ALL created by players under level 5.

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Sunday 28/07/2013, 15:22

....I was a MOD before and i really don't understand why the staff started all this....Was not such a big job to moderate the forum before and everything was clean and nice...
Instead, since there is this new "auto-validation", the forum is full of bad comments, fights and spam....And i guess also for the MOD is not easy now......
In the Italian forum is the same.

For sure the players like to see their comments and threads immediately, but we can't pretend to have smart and responsible players on an online game where 90% of the players are under 18years old....

Colossal, also your proposal is not good, i don't see why we should make a difference base on the level, back to the previous way of doing and end of the issue...

Sunday 28/07/2013, 15:31

Because EagleFree, you are a minority, MOST players want to keep the system the way it is.

I prefer the system like this.

So it has a problem, FINE, then you solve it, you offer a solution. You don't need to remove the function entirely to solve the problem. That's just taking drastic measures, totally unnecessary.

You say moderating every topic and post in the forum is not a big job?

You were a MOD, you should know that this is just NOT true.

MODS couldn't handle the load and who could blame them, hence why sometimes we were waiting HOURS for our topic/message to appear.

You say my proposal is not good, but how do you justify this?

I see you just saying its not good without any explanation. I disregard your post, sorry.

Sunday 28/07/2013, 15:36

Also, where you say 90% of the players are under 18years old, where do you get this figure?

I can't speak for all forums, but the English forum is full of PLENTY of smart and responsible players. Maybe the spelling is a little below par, but this is a problem?

You hold UR's players in too low of an opinion. And you focus on those few foolish posts over the greater majority. If you let these outliers encourage your overall opinion of the issue, then you will only ever see the tiny stain on a white T-shirt, if you follow me.

Sunday 28/07/2013, 15:42

Colossal, i was MOD and i say "moderate the forum one by one was NOT a big job..."
My point of view is that you are starting from the wrong point, you say "the system is like this and we don't need to remove an option, but to solve the problem"....For me the system is the one before, the option has been added after, the option is not the system...
If now the MOD and ET are so lazy (is not you case as you are quite always here, so i'm not blaming you for sure...), that they need this option...What can we do....
When i was MOD in the italian community we where 7-8....Now they are in 15 and here in the English community you have the same situation as you have a lot of ET more than before...
If everyone on the staff was active as you, there will be no problem of accepting posts...(you are not the french community where there are 10 posts/minute).....

Your solution is not acceptable because you can't make discrimination based on the level, it is only a discrimination. It is not a rule: low level = spammer.....Is what you see, but why would the low level get their post added after a while while the high levels not?..
And, how can you follow a discussion where a post appear now, and the reply of 6 posts before appears from 1 hour??

Sunday 28/07/2013, 15:47

Colossal, I'm sure the English forum ii full of smart, kind and nice people (that's also why i'm here)...
But still my idea is that moderate a forum is not a big job and this option create only mess.
That's my opinion...The opinion of someone that leaved the moderation because all of these nonsense decisions....(this is only one)....
Only my opinion, don't get upset with me.....You are one of the good ones smiley

Sunday 28/07/2013, 15:49

"""You hold UR's players in too low of an opinion""""
Absolutely NO...
I like the players, also the young ones..I love the activity and the forum, but i believe in rules...And i believe that if you have a "job" on this game you should it, not use new options that create mess as a cover for laziness....

Sunday 28/07/2013, 15:51

The forum is better with the auto-validation. The wait for posts to appear in the old system was too much for it to be a good idea.

Sunday 28/07/2013, 15:51

"""MODS couldn't handle the load and who could blame them, hence why sometimes we were waiting HOURS for our topic/message to appear. """
They were simply not online.....Or they were not doing there job....There was not so many posts that need hours to moderate smiley


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