offline DrPep Guru Knights of the New Dawn
Tuesday 02/04/2013, 21:57

I'm currently running,

Junkz: Flanagan, Taham, Nobrodroid, Veenyle Cr

Piranhas: Ahkab, Andsom, Hawkins, Amiral Coco

I'm specifically interested in ELO. It seems that no matter what deck I use I get destroyed.

Thanks in advance,

offline Thai_231 Veteran 3LO MA$T3R
Wednesday 03/04/2013, 08:06

I don't play Piranas but I think for the Junzk, you should use Eebiza instead of Taham and Qbick for Nobrodroid if you can afford them, then you will have one more star to up Flanagan to Trermorh or Romana. Another thing is you should replace Andsom by Ector or Tyd.

offline Ethan kun Guru Oaksterdam University
Wednesday 03/04/2013, 14:15

You should already do well in that deck. The problem is that you have too many pill manipulators. You should remove that taham, and remove nobrodroid and andsom. You already have a scubb with you and he's better in comparison to those two. But that's just me. If u know how to use it properly then something isn'wong. A reply to "whatever deck you use, you get destroyed" well if that's the case then you should probably change your playstyle. Like I said there is nothing wrong with your deck as your deck manipulates pillz most of the time. It should help you maintain the flow of the game. But if you really don't know how to play the role of your deck, refer to the deck above. smiley

offline DrPep Guru Knights of the New Dawn
Wednesday 03/04/2013, 19:43

Thanks guys. I was running a vortex/frozen deck last week it was my first time playing ELO. I think I just didn't realize how everything changes week to week. I appreciate the advice and I'll try it out.

offline Ambrelo1134 Titan  
Wednesday 03/04/2013, 21:05

Eebiza and Qubik instead of Nobrodroid and Taham.

Then, change Flanagan to Romana.

Also, Turn Ahkab into Dalhia Cr.

Andsom to Tyd.

offline Good RX Titan THE_POWER
Friday 05/04/2013, 04:12

If it is your first time playing in ELO, prepare for some ass-whooping for a while

offline Mistah Prince Imperator Time Conquers All
Friday 05/04/2013, 05:50

The only things I'd say are "needed changes" are changing Andsom to a more useful 3-star such as Tyd and switching Qubik in for Nobrodroid . Other suggestions are nice, but not necessarily "needed" changes.

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