Friday 05/04/2013, 09:26

The Bad Touch Song
I use this deck to rack up my first 6-7 wins, then move over to an ATK manip clan, due to the skewed Life/Pillz values.

Any suggestions/comments to help with making it more consistent?

Wednesday 10/04/2013, 05:35

Nice Deck
Many damage reducers to help out the Jungo when they've got more life than their oppponent

Wednesday 10/04/2013, 08:39

It plays very smoothly. Just do an initial damage assessment o your opponent's characters and play according to when you can put pressure on them and they can't do enough damage to overtake your heal/DR.
Just watch out for poison and cards who's damage can't be reduced.

Wednesday 10/04/2013, 08:41

Yeah precisely and plus its a pretty cheap and effective deck smileysmiley

Wednesday 10/04/2013, 10:38

Wouldnt this deck be better after 9 streak ?
that's how i play atk manip until 9, later dr's

Thursday 11/04/2013, 11:28

After a 9 streak, you're at 14 life and 10 pillz, right?

Your ratio then means that you won't have the pillz to threaten certain decks, while maintaining a proper defense.
Low pillz count hurts this build, unless you get in a Lucky hit with Benicio or Charlie and have a solid DR as back-up.

I guess it's all about playstyle though. I prefer to be defensive in early games, and offensive with heavy atk manip clans in later games.


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