offline Espectroscuro Colossus Le p0tager
Friday 05/04/2013, 11:31

The Sentinel are at boiling point. For some time now the streets of the shopping district have become more dangerous than a La Junta training camp. They are constantly on the hunt for Plunk, the venomous hooky player, to send him back to the academy, or trying to catch Moegura, the Ninja mole who's got into the habit of sharpening his claws on every billboard he passes. But the most challenging of all is Raven who creates real disaster zones as soon as she spots a pickpocket at work. Luke is certainly going to have his work cut out for him trying to contain the chaos that now reigns on the city’s streets!
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offline edenl Hero Comfort In Sound
Friday 05/04/2013, 11:32


offline J amox Titan Open Casket
Friday 05/04/2013, 11:35

Rescue and Bangers need new cards!

offline Zero-Alucard Titan URBAN MADNESS
Friday 05/04/2013, 11:35

A solid release for all 4 clans. And Raven I'm assuming is based of another charactee from Metal Gear?

offline Whitedragon11 Eternal Limit Break
Friday 05/04/2013, 11:41

Great release today, all 8 powered cards, Luke needs his ability though.

To see their abilities and final arts, check out Urban Unrest

offline snarlmane Titan The CheeseHeadz
Friday 05/04/2013, 11:43

Raven is Raiden.

offline Awesoe Colossus aussie crusaders
Friday 05/04/2013, 11:47

On the banner Luke's symbol is rescue when it should be sentinel...

offline HHM_Dota2 Titan Hip Hop Messiahz
Friday 05/04/2013, 11:49

Wow the front page showin that luke is rescue now

offline SIR BARKS Titan Vengeful Little Ponies
Friday 05/04/2013, 12:33

First alternate week since frozn release with no frozn as new-blood.

offline 0_The_Oracle Imperator Open Casket
Friday 05/04/2013, 12:35

Another oracle review,

SICK release.....

Moegura: The worst release today, but still not bad ability is kind of useless, but solid stats overall. not sure if she beats benicio in halves, but definitely not buba in mono, despite being solid against SoA. Who knows though, might see use on SoA popular weeks. 7.5/10

Raven: I first read his stats I thought it was a joke. 8/10 stats?!! wow this card will be sick in DTs.... just to say though he has a lOT of weaknesses. SoA is one, and if we are talking about OHKO DR is another.... ELO... not really. naginata is still better (against SoA), and more threatening. pilzken just have a much easier time winning. maybe see use? just hope UR staff dont put a penalty on him in DTs....
in DT: 10/10
ELO: 7.5/10

Luke: YES finally sentinels perhaps makign a comeback! still not what I was looking for though, they still need SoA, but this card definitely fills the vacant 2* spot for a LONG time. kyle is great against SoA but no so much against anything else. tobbie may be great against some 8 powers but shaky overall. 8/3 is great and bonus is GREAT GREAT because it forces even 8 power cards to pill one more. against SoA still pretty good. 8.5/10

Plunk: Best release today super sick ability. bonnie ld was banned... and plunk has a BETTER ability (in early rounds). 1/2 stats for 1* is worth it. competes against sandro and chiara or andy ld for best 3* spot in clan, but I would say plunk beats all of them. SICK 10/10. 10/10 means SPLASH card.

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