Sunday 07/04/2013, 09:54
My ELO Deck this week , so far so good smiley)
Any thoughts or suggestions?

Sunday 07/04/2013, 11:20

Ok deck. ELo deck should be 25* so change Dreen to Romana.

Sunday 07/04/2013, 13:12

Dreen to Romana, Gibson to Termorh, Scopica to Moegura, and you will have a very solid deck.

Sunday 07/04/2013, 13:31

Ok guys smiley I've been saving a lot for Romana and try to replace into Moegura as soon as price drops

Sunday 07/04/2013, 17:38

Congratz on the 1300 mate.. smiley A question though, is Moegura the best 4* in a Jungo half-deck?

Monday 08/04/2013, 00:37

Hmm, I think Benicio is still the best 4* in a Jungo half-deck besides smiley Niva is still great for DR and Moegura is great for offense and can create that 7 life gap


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