offline elocau Titan  
Tuesday 09/04/2013, 11:10

As of now, you can enjoy a new shop that is simpler, clearer and even more generous than before. We've had a good look at the deals on offer and from now on you’ll have the choice of three different packs. These are the New Blood pack (40 credits) with 7 characters from the 50 most recent ones and the guarantee of 1 rare card, the Elite pack (40 credits) with 7 characters from 4 clans of your choosing and 1 rare card guaranteed, and the Ultimate pack (70 credits) with 7 cards from 4 clans of your choosing with 3 rare cards guaranteed.Head for the shop to discover these new packs.

available UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Sunday 14/04/2013, 16:43

I have all non-Cr cards and I like these new packs. smiley

offline Lhfnikosvgr Titan Light's Hope fighters
Sunday 14/04/2013, 17:40

Very good news for new players! (and old ones also that haven't spend lots of money on packs)
But what about players like me that spent already enough money for boosters?
Now players can complete their card collection (and have more clintz) much easier than before, spending less money.
It is not fair... Maybe players that bought credits before the new prices, must be gifted credits equal to the diffference of the prices from the past and now?

offline WMDuessel Guru Wise Men Distracted
Sunday 14/04/2013, 18:25

NikosVgr, your argument is invalid. If you bought a television 5 years ago for 1000 dollars, would you complain if the store who sold you that television is selling it for only 500 dollars now, 5 years later? Would you ask for a refund or compensation?

That 500 dollars or clintz that you "lost" due to prices going down is there, materialized, in your ownership of the card over the years. Stop whining thar it isn't fair.

offline Oncoming Storm Senior United Romania
Monday 15/04/2013, 08:34

Nikos you are a verry selfish personsmiley

offline anzboy Colossus Open Casket
Tuesday 16/04/2013, 07:47

Amazing so many comments about the market being broken. NEWSFLASH the market has been broken and forced many new players out before they can start. UR has finally done something to fix the real problem most of the inflation of prices. the kate fights brought down all common cards while these new packs fixed uncommon and rares. Now the market is no longer top low supply cards = top bucks it is to have a large supply of your own. Ex. Some cards are actually fluxing between 1-2 k every week buy them 4k sell them 5k -5% tax your make a profit of 950 per card and your should be able to sell about 5-10 before someone cause a price drop which will only cycle back to you gaining

offline lemming58 Legend Wise Men Distracted
Wednesday 17/04/2013, 07:50

I got an Eliska out of an Elite pack. Why? Shouldn't she still be in New Blood?

offline WMDuessel Guru Wise Men Distracted
Wednesday 17/04/2013, 08:55

Just because cards are available in New Blood doesn't mean they won't show up when you try an Elite/Titanium. For example, by picking La Junta in Elite, I can still get a Raven, even if she is new.

offline DeepEnd Imperator Limit Break
Wednesday 17/04/2013, 17:15

"UR has finally done something to fix the real problem most of the inflation of prices"

If prices deflate it also deflates pack worth. Cake reserved for new players gets smaller. No profit there sir.

offline Pilluminati Titan URBAN MADNESS
Wednesday 17/04/2013, 18:16

New Blood cards should be exclusive to New Blood and not be in other packs,obviously.

Nope? Ok,let's screw things up and make the market dirt cheap smiley

I mean,i knew that New Blood would have to expand at some point,due to the newer clans needing more of the releases,rolling back everyone's favorite clans to an average of 5 or 6 cards per year(actual number i came up here was 4 when i first realized this),but i think this was a bit too hastily planned.

Make the necessary adjustments to fixing the packs,staff.

available UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Thursday 18/04/2013, 11:07

I think the new packs are fine. prices a dropping a bit at the moment but thats because theres a bit of panic selling happaning and people are buying the new packs because people like to buy new things smiley

They will even out soon and maby even start to increase a bit again.

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