available WP_Bauldy Colossus War Party
Tuesday 09/04/2013, 23:09

All new and shiny recruitment thread for the war party guild.

The war party is a fun and active guild. Our number of members has forever remained small and with that comes a super friendly atmosphere where you get to feel like your part of a family. We take nothing too seriously, We chat about everything in game and real life.

We look after each other.

You treat the guild and it's members with respect and you will be rewarded with the same.

Anyone who is disrespectful or tries to harm any member of the guild is dealt with accordingly.

In the guild you will recieve rewards for your achievements. Survivor, Elo, DT etc. Whatever field is you choose to make a specialty out of your achievements will not go unnoticed.

Events are a common affair aswell. Collectors for prizes and lots of different formats and ideas to keep things interesting.

Won't be long until the guild is celebrating 4 years. Plenty of ups and downs in that time but it has always remained and always will remain. There is a lot of history in this guild.

To be a part of this rich history there are some specific but important requirements.

Level 25+
Fairplay rating must be green/yellow
English speaking.

War Party

offline Flubbery Master  
Sunday 07/07/2013, 04:11

Also, you should definitely join War Party! smiley smiley smiley smiley smileysmiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley

offline J amox Titan Open Casket
Monday 08/07/2013, 13:35

Join up to be part of our welcoming ommunity!
And mods please delete post 105 as it makes me seem like a troll smiley

available WP_Bauldy Colossus War Party
Friday 12/07/2013, 00:24

Join up smiley

offline Hoatzin Veteran War Party
Friday 19/07/2013, 22:21

We have new sexy admins and stefonich loves answering questions about card choices

someone won 3 dt's in a row here and were rewarded insanely for it


offline Hoatzin Veteran War Party
Friday 19/07/2013, 22:32

War Party:
-The first guild ever to make the sticky stuff on envelopes taste of chocolate.
-Where golden forks are still considered silverware
-Where safety pins are actually safe

Worth a join, definitely.

offline J-Nug Hero  
Saturday 20/07/2013, 14:36

Get that spam off our page plz

Join war party for free cookies smiley

available WP_Bauldy Colossus War Party
Saturday 20/07/2013, 15:54

Join us for in depth conversation regarding cocks and my love for Myeltd.

War Party may be harmful if swallowed.

Always read the label.

offline Tricky 1 Eternal Harbingers of Ares
Sunday 21/07/2013, 22:07

Very disturbing to read this smiley

offline J amox Titan Open Casket
Sunday 21/07/2013, 22:15

I know tricky, I know

I have nightmares of it

So join up guys!

offline Myeltd Titan Limit Break
Sunday 21/07/2013, 22:48

To be fair tricky, this is bauldy trying to "contain" himself. If you were able to see the message boards, you'd probably want to scrape out your brain and go make a different guild to hide in. Oh wait... smiley

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