offline Goralion Admin Clint Staff
Wednesday 10/04/2013, 14:38

Hey everybody,

Following our April Fool's joke, here are the 7 best Lego creations made by you.


Congratulations ! We had a lot of fun discovering how were designed those UR characters using Lego bricks.

Thank you everybody ! smiley

offline Wicked Witch Colossus Wise Men Distracted
Thursday 11/04/2013, 13:33

Qubik is awesome! can you tell us who made them?

offline tgh02 Titan Open Casket
Thursday 11/04/2013, 14:08

Agree with Wicked Witch, let's give these winners their due. They deserve recognition for fantastic work - that's effort!

offline K1NG_PWN4GzZz Colossus TrAitorzZz
Friday 12/04/2013, 14:00

True, plus I'd like to know what character the little yellow dog is..

offline Gipsy Joe Titan TrAitorzZz
Friday 12/04/2013, 14:07

Maybe that's another Wakai smiley

offline J amox Titan Open Casket
Friday 12/04/2013, 14:07

Same and the top middle

offline HHM_Dota2 Titan Hip Hop Messiahz
Friday 12/04/2013, 14:25

Top middle ones look like utchull , wats the yellow dog thing ?

available Thoazol Moderator Wise Men Distracted
Friday 12/04/2013, 16:11

I seconf the people who think it's a Wakai.

offline jlegolas Veteran night school
Friday 12/04/2013, 16:16

Top one middle is edwin i think smiley

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Friday 12/04/2013, 19:48

Top: Wakai, Uchtul, Kinjo.

Bottom: Wurmhol, Windzy, Wakai, Qubik.

offline J amox Titan Open Casket
Friday 12/04/2013, 19:50


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