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Requesting the New Shop Packs be removed/Remade

Requesting the New Shop Packs be removed/Remade
Friday 12/04/2013, 13:54
UR_Genie - Hero English

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Requesting the New Shop Packs be removed/Remade
UR_Genie - Hero English - Friday 12/04/2013, 13:54

Hello I am requesting that the Urban rivals Staff remove the new packs they made.

The new blood pack I don't mind as much, however the Elite pack needs to remove its rare guarantee, and I believe the Ultimate needs to lower how many it guarantees.

I know a lot of players will jump down my throat saying I want to keep the rich players rich and such. But lets look at the facts of how it has affected the market in 3 DAYS!
Name of card Pre new packs price-> post new packs price 3 days later

Kalindra 80k->62k
X-0DUS 50k->44k
Dregn 48k->42k
Dagg 31k->26.5k
Shaakarti 25k->21.5k
Kolos 45k->41k
Karrion 32k->28k

These are just a few of the big cards that have lost more than 10% of their value in 3 days.

I request that people go and message the UR support team requesting a remake to these packs. I know a lot of players feel these packs were a great addition because they got some really good cards, but it isn't worth the entire market tanking.

The market doesn't stop at the valuable cards like those listed above, with their deminishing value the gap between them and the Crs grow making it even harder for players to get Jackie Cr, Caelus Cr, Tanaereva Cr, Vickie Cr, Lamar Cr, Splata Cr. Because now 2 X-0DUS isnt equal to a Caelus Cr now players have to add more, and this will continue unless we tell them to make it stop.

So please I ask again tell support what you think.

Thanks for your time
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RitzMalheur - Imperator English
Saturday 20/04/2013, 04:11

I guess the discussion of this topic has been proven moot. The packs were changed sometime in the last couple days, and now the new Elite packs only give one guaranteed rare. This proves the point that the increased supply affected something, quite possibly the economy, does it not? Or is the change simply the result of the amount of negative feedback they've gotten on it?
Zincomega - Titan English
Saturday 20/04/2013, 04:19

The thread about the shop changes states the new Elite packs had 1 rare card guaranteed. So nothing changed recently because the Elite pack still states it has 1 rare guaranteed.

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