[TRADE] My Scarlett Cr 0xp for your cards and/or clintzs

Sunday 14/04/2013, 11:21

Well, i'm looking for trading my Scarlett Cr 0xp for cards and/or clintz

Cards I'm interested in: Beltran Cr, Lao Cr, Elya Cr, Dragan... And smalls packs of Spyke, Lola, Cortez, Taylor, Hawk, Rolph, Toro, Striker, Charlie, Bogdan, Olga, Beeboy

Make your offers, and please be serious (if the offer is fair enough, I will consider it even there are cards I didnt mention in the thread

Friday 26/04/2013, 09:37

Dragan Cr 0exp how much u value it?

Friday 26/04/2013, 09:56

Not interested in so many Olga, I mean :) As I said before, no big packs of any card, please :).

About Dragan Cr 0xp, right now, its is really overvalued, so no interested at its actual price :)

Friday 26/04/2013, 09:59

Infact i ask how much u value him xD also for Berserkgirl Cr 0exp and Sigmund Cr ;)

Friday 26/04/2013, 10:07

Dragan Cr: 690ks

Berserkgirl Cr: 500ks (not interested, unless it has a really good price)

Sigmund Cr: 350ks (not interested, unless it has a really good price)

Friday 26/04/2013, 10:46

1 000 000 cash + 2 Cassio Cr 0xp for Scarlett Cr ? :)

Friday 26/04/2013, 10:52

A really low offer, no :S

Friday 26/04/2013, 11:00

1 150 000 cash + 2 Cassio Cr 0xp :razz:

Friday 26/04/2013, 11:01

Too low, again, and not interested in Cassio Cr :D

Friday 26/04/2013, 13:09

How much value this scarlett xD:grin:

Friday 26/04/2013, 13:40

As i said before (I think), I value Scarlett Cr at market price, it this moment (and I repeat, IN THIS moment): 1.5 millions


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