Monday 15/04/2013, 02:57

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Wednesday 17/04/2013, 01:19

At the end of a fierce war involving many Kingdoms, your Kingdom is far from ideal with many problems blighting the town. Problems such as lack of economic growth, constant threat of invasions and a town full of civilians who want to bring about a revolution!

You were put into power after making many promises in the hope of getting the people on your side, some of these promises you made were to lower taxes, create a sustainable enviroment for the civilians and to not engage in anymore conflict.

Now sitting almighty on your throne spouting about a better tommorow, starting today! However will you be able to live up to these promises or will you break everyone in the name of power, greed and a ever-growing ego!

Your Kingdom will begin to take shape, starting on the 1st May.

Sunday 21/04/2013, 01:12

Can't wait to start the adventure. smiley

Sunday 21/04/2013, 01:40

Good luck, pal smiley

Tuesday 23/04/2013, 16:24

Join up guys loads of great prizes smiley


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