Saturday 20/04/2013, 23:50

What do you other Urban Rivals players do? Anime, Videogames, What? Be specific if possible smiley

Monday 22/04/2013, 07:39

Thank you for the feedback, CK-Shawn smiley

I really appreciate the feedback guys, helps me see what players have in common.

Monday 22/04/2013, 08:03

No prob, hey do you want me to spread the word about this thing because it is like you are onto something here

Monday 22/04/2013, 08:07

No thanks, it'll be fine smiley Just anyone who happens to come across this can comment. Even if it's just a few people who answer, It's enough for me.

Besides, I know what my close friends on this game like. And also, the girls I know who play UR are more into books and chess, etc.

Monday 22/04/2013, 08:12

Ahh... this thread reminds me of my retired pals. God bless you guys. I may join you guys soon.

Monday 22/04/2013, 14:44

I should also add sth,I like collecting stamps.Got over 1000 of 'em of various countries.Collect coins too,but the collection is quite low at the moment.
And I am just curious AR,does reaching lv 100 kills the interest in playing UR?Then I don't wanna reach 100.Ever.

Monday 22/04/2013, 15:10


Admit it.

Monday 22/04/2013, 16:18

Actually, I was supposed to retire a long time ago. Around 9 months ago, to be precise.

I stayed here for
someone else, And I went lvl 100 to burn time. But now, I don't have really much reason to stick around. It's more of a surprise I even gathered the motivation to make lvl 100. You can enjoy this game even if you're past lvl 100.

Currently, I don't really have any plans in UR. I don't know what I will do, so it's an unknown future. I can say the past few years in this game
have been great and can be nostalgic, but nowadays, it's bittersweet.

Monday 22/04/2013, 17:21

How about play the other game formats smiley

Monday 22/04/2013, 17:24

Lol medivh smiley Was never fond of the other modes. I quit playing, I'll just stick to helping my guild, checking up on message boards, and talking to pals.

Monday 22/04/2013, 23:54

I'm... well lets just say older.. (over 35 less then 60) smiley

I NEVER have watched anime.. i like to read watch movies and kick old ladies smiley


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