Saturday 20/04/2013, 23:50

What do you other Urban Rivals players do? Anime, Videogames, What? Be specific if possible smiley

Tuesday 23/04/2013, 16:25

I used to play RS too! I left when Jagex got all crowd-control with the 3000 max trade limit, no wilderness, etc. I was level 60, I think, and a mage "pure." Count me in for starting again.

I see what you did there, Alhalish. Snatch Steal is now banned, and lots of cards rape Jinzo. Bottomless Trap Hole for example can kill Neil before he gets summoned, and since he was never summoned, the effect never triggers. As for my signature card, it's probably Maestroke the Symphony Djinn.

Thread officially hijacked, sorry.

Tuesday 23/04/2013, 16:29

I like Emes the Infinity not only because of his effect, but also his art. It greatly resembles the Demon Wall from FF XII, and holy heck do I hate that PoS. The only RPG boss that gave me nightmares.

And oh, my favorite trap card is Hitler Jar.... AKA Pot of Avarice.

Tuesday 23/04/2013, 16:48

It's fine, you guys can discuss anything on here, Just wanted to know what other fellow Urban Rivals players do other than UR smiley

Am thinking of playing RS again. I need something to clear my mind, and right now, nothing seems to be working. So yeah.

Tuesday 23/04/2013, 16:52

@mahawirasd I'm sure personal experiences are fine. It's just that personal info is prohibited in public forum.

I share my personal info with some of my really close friends, but that's because I trust them. And because they want to trade info, lol. Ahh, internet is a very interactive place smiley

Tuesday 23/04/2013, 18:37

Hmm. It's not hard to lie in this game. Particularly aiming at personal info.

Friday 26/04/2013, 09:33

After those cheery and delightful posts, let me divert the attention to RS again.

Aaa, Runescape seems massively overhauled since the last time I played. Should I play the new version or the "beta version from 2007", which was the last time I played? If anyone's starting out too, feel free to party up with me, my PMs are open.

Friday 26/04/2013, 11:23

I never get RuneScape's appeal.... Even Morrowind has better graphics than that game.

Is it the story? Gameplay? Community?

Friday 26/04/2013, 12:08

I would say accessibility and ease of use. It works on almost any machine assuming it has Java, making it appeal to low-end PC (like the ones in the school library when I first started this game) users. It was also extremely deep for its time in 2004, and you can do much more than just hunt monsters, you can farm, mine, pray, chop wood, fish etc. Iirc you can even get a house and get married.

Right now, I don't know. I left because Jagex (the game's Fraggle/UR Staff) made some drastic, game-breaking changes to prevent any sort of real-life money trading for in-game gold. Idiot didn't realize that he would lose 70% of the player base.

Friday 26/04/2013, 12:13

So.... It's like The Sims + monsters and magic.

Friday 26/04/2013, 12:22

In a nutshell, yes. But it's (was) fun, trust me.


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