offline kidUSA Hero ELITE NATION
Monday 22/04/2013, 14:09

I have played casually for a little while, and I decided that I want to get into the ELO mode.

I was just woundering if it is better to spend a large chunck of my clintz on 1 card, and build a deck around that with what I can, or if I should spend my money equally among all the cards in the deck..
Ex. 1 card worth 20k+ clintz, with 7 cards equal to or less than 5k clintz.. Or build an 8 card deck equal to 25k+ clintz.

I cant decided how I should approch this, so I figured I would ask, any respons is appreciated..

offline 0 ComeAtMe Titan aussie crusaders
Monday 22/04/2013, 15:08

Build a deck that works. Build a deck that has synergy (eg. Freaks/Jungo). Build a deck that plays to your strengths. That's the best advice anyone can give you without actually giving you a deck

offline Parousia Hero  
Monday 22/04/2013, 17:44

I would say that's the wrong mindset to have when building a deck. As CAM has said, you should focus on deck strategy and playstyle, instead of picking cards based on their worth or worrying too much about it. Just have fun trying out ideas, and then pick one which is within your budget, or you could try looking for cheaper replacements if you like an idea but don't have quite enough money for it. Super expensive cards are of course out of bounds, which are limitations you have to work with if you're on a budget.

As an example, deleted is the deck I used in last week's ELO, which got me a peak of 1319 and is quite cheap at 21k. Futoshi Ld is free, and if you don't have him you'll probably have to fork out another 5 to 8k for Fei or Heitachi. Enjoy smiley

offline Parousia Hero  
Monday 22/04/2013, 17:50

To elaborate a bit more, with reference to the deck above, those with insane amounts of cash can opt to swap Shifou for Marlysa Cr and then change Dave or Fanny to Eugene or Felicia. Those who are on a tight budget can save a couple of thousands by swapping Daddy Jones for Stanly, or even taking out Fanny for Taigo. In all cases, your playing options are very similar. The extra cash will just help you get the extra edge, but you don't need it to have a great deck and have fun smiley

offline jlegolas Veteran night school
Monday 22/04/2013, 18:26

I got 1401 with fpc/pc deck with same fpc half as you smiley

offline Parousia Hero  
Tuesday 23/04/2013, 13:19

Nice! I love this fpc half deck. Great variety and utility for 12 stars! It's probably going to be my standard fpc half deck from now on.

offline WMDuessel Guru Wise Men Distracted
Tuesday 23/04/2013, 16:44

As someone who started playing ELO with the same dilemma in mind, I highly suggest you invest in staple card that are not too expensive (for example, don't throw all your cash into Bogdan, Ongh, Mona, Uranus etc.). That FPC half is a good example. Here's another half deck to get quickly, as it works with EVERY clan in the game (I am not joking, this is my favorite half.)

Qubik, Romana, Tremorh, Flanagan

Throw in a Gibson, a Fizzle and a Fuzz to your shopping list and you'll be golden! Haze, Eebiza and Veenyle Cr are also good once you decide to expand your price range.

offline kidUSA Hero ELITE NATION
Tuesday 23/04/2013, 21:21

I ended up doing a Junks + Jungo deck using Eggman Jean Pegh Psylo for the Jungo half, and Flanagan Gibson Neil and Veenyle Cr for the Junkz half..

It feels alright, but I think I could use help mabey refining it a little.

offline WMDuessel Guru Wise Men Distracted
Wednesday 24/04/2013, 03:28

Eggman and Psylo are bad cards, as well as most Jungo 4* not named Sylth Cr. Try this Jungo half: Moegura/Benicio, Rodney, Jean, Pegh

Junkz half is sort of mediocre too, Neil is ourclassed by Fuzz, and Qubik is better than Gibson. Here's my idea to pair with the Jungo deck above: Fuzz, Qubik, Romana, Flanagan. You get less bad draws this way.

offline XC_MANFRED_33 Titan E X C A L I B U R
Wednesday 24/04/2013, 18:43

Benacio, jean, radek, rodney, flanagan, romana, tremorh, fuzz

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