Tuesday 23/04/2013, 20:19

2 Ongh 0xp 40k each
3 Leviatonn full 16k each
1 Uranus 0xp 32k
1 Louise full 14k
1 Yayoi full 24k
4 Raeth full 8k each
38 Tina 0xp 350 each
22 Tina mixed or full 325 each
64 Anibal 0xp 3.5k each
51 Anibal mixed or full 3k each
Totals out at 627,450

I would be willing to sell all at once for 615k

All transactions are through Secure trade.

I am looking for in particular:

Noodile Cr
Amiral Py Cr
Robb Cr
Blaaster Cr

I will also accept trade of:
Jackie Cr
Caelus Cr
Edd Cr

Other trades are acceptable at my discretion smiley

Tuesday 23/04/2013, 20:31

Uranus for 32k in ps

Tuesday 23/04/2013, 21:34

Frozn it explicitly says "All transactions are through Secure Trade"

Tuesday 23/04/2013, 21:45

I know i am asking you to put it in my Ps

Tuesday 23/04/2013, 23:26

2 0xp Ongh's are gone smiley

Please note that UM-Frozn is a scammer. When I put the Uranus in a Secure trade he offered me 50 clintz and accepted hoping that I wouldn't notice. When I told him he had the incorrect amount he cancelled the Transaction.

Tuesday 23/04/2013, 23:42

I said I want it in my private sales

Tuesday 23/04/2013, 23:51

Now scamming is terrible.

Wednesday 24/04/2013, 03:29

I now have 25 Jakson 2* as well up for sale.

Wednesday 24/04/2013, 12:52

Louise 1 Raeth and 1 Leviatonn are gone smiley

Wednesday 24/04/2013, 13:51

2 Noodile Cr full against yayoi


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