offline Goralion Admin E X C A L I B U R
Wednesday 24/04/2013, 17:12

Hey everybody !

For those who missed it :

The Coliseum is a brand new game room with customizable parameters allowing us to provide you with large scale events !

From time to time we'll open the room and configure specific rules (life points, pillz, deck format, scoring rules, etc.), and you'll be able to play in it for glory and to claim the best prizes !

You can check it status, its rules and its own ranking here :
The game room will be available in the flash game only when the Coliseum status is set to "Playing".

This room will be inaugurated in BETA with a first event tomorrow from 7pm to midnight GMT +1 : No KO no victory !

Many rumbles are to come ! Enjoy ! smiley

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offline FloydBliss Master Time Conquers All
Sunday 05/05/2013, 16:31

UR should've made it more clear that only perma-banned elo cards are not allowed.I had completed about 80 matches when I saw a guy using Mona,and understood I could've used Mona all this way too... smiley

offline Hihihilalala Hero  
Sunday 05/05/2013, 18:09

I just have to say that I love the coliseum. Quite addicted to it actually although I don't really have the time to play. However, I think the fight limit should be a tad lower. Otherwise, some may find it a bit hard to complete the entire rounds, for example, like the 100 fights now.
Also, it would be great if some are tailored for more low ranking players (so that they get their fair share of coliseum fun!). It would give higher ranking players time to go elo too.

I think the biggest problem though, is having to constantly come up with new ideas for the coliseum, and the balance between coliseum and elo. With the introduction of the coliseum, would lesser and lesser people play elo? Probably. I'm just stating this out.

offline TheKingofSquid Colossus Heroes of Darkness
Monday 06/05/2013, 10:03

-U-R-lucky - Imperator - Hip Hop Messiahz English
Yesterday at 10:36

I agree completely with ThekingofSquid.

And there should be a gap of lets say 1 day after each coliseum. I found it very hard to manage my time between elo and it.

Yeah, that's obvious. it would be harsh to have a colosseum after the end of every colosseum. The best would be a 3-4 days colosseum a week // 3 colosseum events a month.

"2) limit the bonus points on pills!! Let's say +4, +5 maximum, or it can really mess up the ranking."

On other thoughts,most players can end up with similar points . There would be no difference then between coliseum and DM. Its fun to try KO opp. and save as many pills at the same time. Otherwise,everyone would just go the DM way and this game room wouldn't be so cool then.

offline TheKingofSquid Colossus Heroes of Darkness
Monday 06/05/2013, 11:13

No man, sorry bubt I do not agree.

DM is, by my read, one of the lamest rooms, good only to make huge amounts of BP. You can play everything with no restrictions and, in fact, the extended over 25 stars is ridiculous!

In colosseum the cap would be needed just in case of absurd situations where, against a really "unusual player", you find yourself winning with somethingh like 8 pills. 8 pills + KO + win = 13 points, that are too much of a gap for a lucky chance!!

Still, the most important thing is: no a colosseum after on other. Let people have a bit of breath!!

offline Sicba Titan Open Casket
Monday 06/05/2013, 12:24

If there is a coliseum one after another, nobody is forcing you to play in each and every one. You can sit out some, and let the peeople who can/want to play, play. Its like saying when there is a football WC "dont put a match every day, I cant watch football every day" Leave the fun to those who can, once again, nobody is forcing you.

offline 0 Braxter Hero  
Monday 06/05/2013, 14:10

@ post 139

1) I can see your point, I didn't personally have a problem with it but there would've been no complaints from me if situational Soa & Sob were also banned from play

2) Once again a rule where i wouldn't have a problem with it being implemented or not

@ post 146

I completely agree with everything you said, I'm in favor of UR giving us as many Coliseum events as they want/can

offline J amox Titan Open Casket
Monday 06/05/2013, 20:32

There is now a fnag pi one about zinfrid and yoshida

offline hashburki Guru REIGN OF THE SUPREMES
Monday 06/05/2013, 21:19

Just keep changing the rules.
Make an occasional only Piranas (or a specific clan only) Event etc.
experiment with it.
Put a star limit to 16* decks and then to 40* decks.
make an even with 20 pills and 20 lives.
make us choose 16 card decks and draw 8 cards each with star limit to 50* and 16 pills and 28 lives.

:"Awake the rage of the master in #urbanrivals" and add "I am -U-R-Lucky"

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