[Trade/sell] Tanaereva Cr and others

Wednesday 24/04/2013, 23:58

I have:
4x Thormund 2.1k
2x Gibson 1.5k
1x Morphun 6k
1x Leila 1k
1x Jessie 3k
1x Jautya 3.2k
1x Hystrix 6k
1x Gaia 2.2k
1x Buck 7.2k
1x Tanaereva Cr 200k
1x Sigma 5k
1x Praxie 13.5k
1x El Gringo 6.4k
1x Veenyle Cr 13k
1x Sledg 4.6k

Trades I'm looking for:
Arnie 6k
Pilzken 8k
Raven 30k
Ray 10k
Laura 2.7k
Brianna 2.5k

Thursday 25/04/2013, 08:04



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