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Sunday 05/05/2013, 03:51

For the few that may remember, I started a UR Tumblr solely dedicated to UR chat and lots of card reviews a long time ago. It's back now and new. I'll be starting off with all the star class reviews (from two star to five star classes) for all clans before the next batch of new cards hopefully. Regardless, I'll aim to do that, maybe discuss the new Coliseum mode, and review the new cards as they release.

Also, I know I'm not high level and my ELO record isn't high. As I said in the previous thread for the previous Tumblr, the best ELO record I've had is 1320 on another account. I know that's not amazing, but it shows a decent game ability and understanding of game mechanics. I don't play DM, although I have before so I do know what it is, and I used to play ELO Survivor semi-often (well, by my definition of "often"smiley. I used to be mainly an ELO player, however, I haven't played much as I've been busy with college and now that college is almost done I'm a huge fan of the new Coliseum mode so I'll mainly be playing that from now on. Also, I don't care if anyone is ignorant and stubborn enough to not even read my tumblr just because my profile stats aren't the greatest.

I started off with a Frozn five star class review (for the short version, I ranked them as Kalindra>Ayah>Thorpah>Brok). I'll be aiming to do a lot more tomorrow.

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Sunday 05/05/2013, 03:54

Forgot the link lol.

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Sunday 05/05/2013, 18:09

I would check it out, but apparently you have to login to Tumblr, and I don't have an account.

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