offline jikwarrior Colossus Angels of Pain
Monday 06/05/2013, 07:07

Might trade for decent doubles but mostly looking for selling it for 2 million smiley
Deck (Includes - Ambre)
Kerozinn Cr with an entire deck of Fang Pi Clang, Non-Elo, Normal/Fight Club.

Lamar Cr with an entire deck of All Stars, Non-Elo, Normal/Fight Club.

Splata Cr with an entire deck of Freaks, Non-Elo, Normal/Fight Club.

We can settle, different cards but the value will increase by 5k.

Ask me for details. (Negotiable) Prime details for the 7 cards.

Estimate with the 7 cards is most likely 80 - 120k.

Send your offers.

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Clint City, night.