offline elocau Titan  
Tuesday 07/05/2013, 10:51

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offline nerozerox Titan URBAN MADNESS
Wednesday 08/05/2013, 01:21

Argh guys if you keep saying oh copper beat GHEIST all the time oh so there no clue etc blahsmiley his bonus is plus 8 atk and what card in the GHEIST list of card that copper beat have more base power then 12 smiley haaa so stop ruin every one fun to find clue and you got to admit it is fun to guest smiley

offline -Rapture- Guru  
Wednesday 08/05/2013, 01:55

@Braxter wait, Studio Makma is still doing artworks for UR? OMG UR GET THEM TO DO MOAR EPIC CARD ARTS LIKE RITE NOW!

Anyway, it's fun to speculate even if I highly doubt there's hints about his bonus and ability in this comic, but if you have to guess, then don't forget it's not just Harrow ld who got his arse kicked. This guy also defeated Edwin, Raeth, Ghumbo, Angelo, Lizbeth, Smokey Cr, Karrion, Orenichi and some Montana guy. I think the only way to pull that of is by having 8 power, SoA as ability and Protection: Power as bonus.

Now unless there's another combo, this sounds like the mother of boring bonuses to me.

offline yaoihuntresse Colossus Wise Men Distracted
Wednesday 08/05/2013, 02:11

Though sometimes the character is not as powerful as their card. But if I were to guess, he probably has protection: bonus or something courage-related since he's the one who manages to start the fights.

offline Lexdexta Imperator TRiNiTY
Wednesday 08/05/2013, 02:11

@nerozerox: Arkn, Leviatonn, Klawz, XU52, is that enough for you? lol

offline Thungbard Guru Arctic Circle
Wednesday 08/05/2013, 04:11

Seeing how angry and violent he is, I'm going to go out on a limb and guess:

8 Attack, 4 Damage
Ability: (Counter: +2 Power)
Bonus: (Fury: -2 Opp Pillz and Damage, Min 4)

- Counter being the opposite of Courage, so if he was selected second he'd get +2 power, which would fit cause this new guy just sits and hides and apparently pounces on people that walk past him, he's like the opposite of the Courage ability
- Fury being an added bonus for dropping those 3 pills to fury, in this case if you Fury and win, your opponent loses 2 pills, if you fury and lose, your opponent deals 2 less damage to you for your sacrifice of 3 pills.

Highly unlikely, but it would at least be a couple of fresh new abilities

offline _-3993-_ Guru The Alliance
Wednesday 08/05/2013, 07:31

@Thoazol Oops, the defeat bonus would be Defeat: -2 Opp. Life min. 3. and what about the courage?
How about Courage: + 10 Attack.

offline Wakayama3 Titan The United Fans of Homestuck
Wednesday 08/05/2013, 08:11

Why discuss this new cards ability, bonus and stats out from what cards he (or she lol) have defeated. I think that is very irrelevant. For me it is just a cool comic to introduce a new thing (clan, leader, ld, game mode, function or whatever). We will se by time smiley. Be patient.

offline _-3993-_ Guru The Alliance
Wednesday 08/05/2013, 09:18

Why not discuss the possibilities? It's just for fun. smiley

offline WMDuessel Guru Wise Men Distracted
Wednesday 08/05/2013, 11:37

It's pointless, but I suppose if you enjoy baseless conjecture, be my guest.

available Thoazol Moderator Wise Men Distracted
Wednesday 08/05/2013, 11:42

I thought that was Pesth instead of Smokey CR? Doesn't matter that much, but just pointing it out.
Doesn't sound really probable bonus. Ability maybe, in certain amount.
Defeat, doesn't sound too probable/useful. Courage, better but bland

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