Tuesday 07/05/2013, 14:53

Want to build your deck with Zinfrid?

Just ReTweet :"Awake the rage of the master in #urbanrivals" and add "I am YOUR NICKNAME"

The first 200 will take part in a random draw with random.org and 50 among them will receive a Zinfrid to play in the Coliseum this wednesday May 8th.


"The rumbling thunder and lightnings tearing the sky let appear the menacing shape of a Ninja, sai in hand. This ninja is Yoshida.

In her sharp eyes, one can read rage, hatred and thirst for revenge."

Awake the rage of the Master.

Join the "Coliseum" room for a day under the sign of shurikens.

Deck format and room
Your Deck must be in Coliseum format.
Your Deck cannot contain fewer than 8 characters.
Your Deck cannot contain more than 8 characters.
The sum of the character levels in your Deck must not exceed 30.
Your Deck cannot contain more than 1 Leader(s).
Your Deck can only contain the 1 following Clans: Fang Pi Clang.
Your Deck cannot contain the following 1 Character(s): Ambre.
Your Deck cannot contain the following 2 type(s) of Ability/Bonus: Stop Opp. Bonus, Stop Opp. Ability.
Your Deck cannot contain any developing characters.
Your Deck cannot contain any double characters.

Tuesday 07/05/2013, 15:43

17 points for timeouts and default wins?!? Why?

Tuesday 07/05/2013, 16:57

17 points for time out and withdraw is a lot, but maybe then people will avoid doing it.

Tuesday 07/05/2013, 17:10

Does anyone know what this means??
"NOTE: We remind you that Freewin will be punished."

Tuesday 07/05/2013, 17:23

Cheating, basically.

Tuesday 07/05/2013, 17:26

If I had to guess, I'd say it has something to do with throwing the match right off the bat whilist maximizing the other one's points for the event. So the helpers get so strong penalties that the head of the scam can't convince people to partake in it.

Tuesday 07/05/2013, 17:29

17 points is pretty fair for this specific format.
Actually its 14 pts for the life points + 3 for the KO = 17 pts

A first round KO with Kinjo would possibly be 14 pts for the life points + 3 for the KO + 1 for the default win = 18 pts (which would be a perfect scenario)

So i don't think its alot. Just fair.

Tuesday 07/05/2013, 17:32

But how would they know and be sure of a freewin scenario occurring?

Tuesday 07/05/2013, 17:36

If I may point out, First round KO with Kinjo can't happen in 14 life format.

Tuesday 07/05/2013, 18:28

Oh yeah...
My bad.

Change it to 2 round KO Kinjo + any other card. smiley


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