offline DUC-j00p Imperator  
Saturday 11/05/2013, 00:55

So my friend told me 4 2* star decks are noob and very bad. I think in the right deck it could work very well.
i have made this deck and want to know what u guys think : [ELO] Respiri Affannati...
even shazam bertha jean pegh isnt that bad smiley
only thing im not sure about is benicio or moegunda

offline DUC-j00p Imperator  
Saturday 11/05/2013, 00:56

Also i've seen many people this week running ashiko mindy pegh jean buba troohmpah ongh rodney/radek/scopica

offline WMDuessel Guru Wise Men Distracted
Saturday 11/05/2013, 06:13

It might be possible, but only in Mono decks. The problem is inconsistency, by simple statistics you will end up with a bad draw more times than a good draw. It is possible to win with an 8* hand, but most of the time you will have to rely on 50/50.

offline BombMonkey Colossus Time Conquers All
Saturday 11/05/2013, 12:59

Jungo have some the best 2 stars and is generally good all around.

I imagine it possibly working out for Montana but probably best with cards with solid power and decent life gap capabilities.

I tried a 2 star vortex only + 17 star Frozen deck with decent results in my opinion, but have to agree with Forky Bard on the duo difficulty.

offline yayu-_-eetr Colossus Legends of the Dark
Saturday 11/05/2013, 13:25

The deck is good and Moegura should stay since its the only attack manipulator you have

offline DUC-j00p Imperator  
Saturday 11/05/2013, 14:58

@ forky brard "It might be possible, but only in Mono decks "

funny, because with my half deck 4 2* decks im now at 1403

offline M-Bison Titan URBAN MADNESS
Saturday 11/05/2013, 17:25

Every card is solid. Congrats.

offline DUC-j00p Imperator  
Sunday 12/05/2013, 02:35


this one is also popular, seems like all the top notch decks have 4 2 stars this week

offline WMDuessel Guru Wise Men Distracted
Sunday 12/05/2013, 05:59

@j00p It could be your talent/time spent that brought you the score, not the deck. Can't objectively say that a deck is successful based on small sample results alone.

Lionel Messi can still score a goal wearing flip-flops, but it doesn't mean that wearing them is a good idea.

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Sunday 12/05/2013, 20:49

Nice deck. smiley

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