Saturday 11/05/2013, 03:19

I came across this song and I felt like if the Berzerk had a theme, it would be this:

It does bring an interesting idea what would other Clans theme sound like. I remember when Vortex was released, there was some music played when they showed the banner from the front page (which was rather nice). And this could work for the Montanas:

Tuesday 14/05/2013, 02:32

What could also work is having the option of choosing what remix you're listening to. Or base it by the background in use.

Also, does anyone else think the slots are freakishly loud in comparison to other sound effects?

Tuesday 14/05/2013, 04:06

For some reason this might work with the Sentinels ( Then again, it does help that Larcen himself is an ex-crook who went to the side of good.

Tuesday 14/05/2013, 04:09

Now that I think about it, Three Days Grace's "Animal I Have Become" is more fitting for Berzerk.

Tuesday 14/05/2013, 06:25

Love the idea, Rapture!

Tuesday 14/05/2013, 07:28

Something like this might work for the Uppers (

Tuesday 14/05/2013, 23:30

Here's the correct link:

Tuesday 14/05/2013, 23:46

Giorgio Moroder would do something ideally for the montanas as Giorgio Moroder has done a number of crime film scores,including the popular godfather theme song everyone knows.

Thursday 13/06/2013, 05:11

I know this thread is a month old, but I couldn't resist posting.

This seems like a good song for the Frozn:


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