offline elocau Titan  
Monday 13/05/2013, 14:02

Ever since this morning, strange goings-on have been occurring all over Clint City. Cacti keep popping up all over the place, while perfectly normal Pillz are quite unexpectedly turning into ultra-powerful chilies. And to top it all, the temperature has gone through the roof with the weathermen predicting a heat wave for Friday 17th...

What else lies in store for Clint City?

edited by elocau monday 13/05/2013, 14:02

available Goralion Admin Clint Staff starstarstar
Friday 17/05/2013, 11:23

No one guessed it right still. smiley

offline Awesoe Colossus aussie crusaders starstarstarstar
Friday 17/05/2013, 11:24

Didnt it say on the coliseum event when it finished at noon CET?

offline GWNGeneralZod Imperator Great White North
Friday 17/05/2013, 11:24

That's because I didn't guess.

offline GeneralGroove Hero aussie crusaders
Friday 17/05/2013, 11:24

Ooh ooh, hopefully the new clan bonus is: support + life max 8

offline LuttyMiix Guru  
Friday 17/05/2013, 11:24

Courage +2pillz

offline chenkz Titan Gamerz Sanctuary
Friday 17/05/2013, 11:24

Bonus: fury +1 smiley

offline NF_Rachzz Colossus Norwegian Fighters
Friday 17/05/2013, 11:25

- 1 opp. Power and Damage min 4 smiley

offline czarnyolek13 Veteran URBAN MADNESS
Friday 17/05/2013, 11:25

Wow it is up. strange bonus. itneresting one.

offline GWNGeneralZod Imperator Great White North
Friday 17/05/2013, 11:25

New Keyword: +/- Game Aspect.

offline Zneryel Imperator  
Friday 17/05/2013, 11:26

Bonus: protection damage smiley

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