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Tuesday 14/05/2013, 12:36

Hi, I'm badna0, and I'm a pretty avid DT player. Not a tournament victor (yet), but have managed respectable top 10 finishes, a few top 5's, and a personal best of 803 bp. I'd like to give a few pieces of advice for dt's.

Trying to improve on the previous iteration of this guide:

Since the abolishment of T1/T2, I don't feel a lot of the DT rules mentioned in the guide are as relevant as they used to be. I'd like to outline a few principles for constructing and playing a good DT deck.


1. Building a deck: Aiming for a higher star count (27-30-ish stars) is usually a good idea. A good deck simply needs several nukes with good round winning potential in order to put 2hko pressure.

Links to good decks:
First Place-In Spyke We Trust V2 (standard)
DT Standard Conquered (standard)
E PER LA PRIMA VOLTA!!!!!! (extended)
The strongest decks that I've seen have these higher star counts. Notice how some of these decks can be relatively cheap, too. (

offline J I G Senior Pinoy Locals
Sunday 19/05/2013, 05:20

Sorry badna0 it wasnt infiniti who wrote the guide. it was you. sorry. well ill repost..

hi badna0!!! that's an amazing guide. i have a few questions though.
why didnt you consider La Junta as one of the best decks in t2? it seems a lot are using them.
what's the best number of stars for std and ext tournament? 31* can be paired with decks up to 41* hence greater possibility of maxing out the points for winning with fewer stars. but the downside is, it's much harder to win. while 30* could only be paired up to 35*, greater win percentage but lower possiblity of pairing with a higher star count.

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Sunday 19/05/2013, 17:46

I replied to this via PM, but the gist of the response (for any who are interested) is:
La Junta are excellent in DT, I merely didn't reference them in the post. At the moment, the core of that deck is Isatis/Raven/Arnie/Bryan. Solid
deck and lots of KO pressure.
In terms of number of stars: play with the most amount of stars you can win consistently with. A high starred deck for you and your opponents increases the possibility of 50/50s and 2hkos. If you're really good at playing hands with huge star disadvantages, then go for it; it's probably safer to play a slightly lower deck and take the higher win percentage, though.

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Wednesday 22/05/2013, 01:05

Yup. you did reply via PM. thank you so much.

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Wednesday 22/05/2013, 05:35

Noooooo! Don't suggest La junta to people!!! I don't wanna see more La junta smiley smiley

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Wednesday 22/05/2013, 09:28

... but you play La Junta in DTs. lol

offline M-Bison Titan Wise Men Distracted
Wednesday 22/05/2013, 09:34

I know..I tried to get other decks to work but life is to hard xD

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Wednesday 22/05/2013, 09:42

Blitzcrank smiley

Play La Junta, win DT.

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Wednesday 22/05/2013, 19:27

Lol smiley

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Monday 10/06/2013, 05:56

Bumping this for relevance to the updated DT guide thread.

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Friday 09/08/2013, 13:29


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