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(RECR) Night School

(RECR) Night School
Tuesday 14/05/2013, 15:55
lemiho19 - Novice English

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(RECR) Night School
lemiho19 - Novice - night schoolEnglish - Tuesday 14/05/2013, 15:55

Bzzt!--Bzzt!- A bolt of lightning strikes a tree nearby, igniting it instantaneously. The embers touch the midnight sky like a demon grabbing at the innocence remaining in my soul. They should have never built this boarding school right next to a swamp.

The rain pattering against my window is causing me to ask a lot of questions. Has my life so far been worth living? Am I ever going to be able to leave this school? Why is that burning tree closer to my window? All these questions are racing through my mind, bouncing back and forth like a bullet in a metal room. The annoyance of boring curiosity is... wait, wasn't that tree on fire? And why does it look suspiciously like my roommate? Enough. Back to my current curiosity. Why does... wait, where did that tree go? My attention immediately shifts onto the glow coming from my door. The glow looks like... wait, is that a burning tree?

If you have no fear join Night School lvl 15+
Must be active will delete people who dont log on for a month
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Jamox_ - Event team - Open Casket English
Tuesday 14/05/2013, 18:11

New thread!
lemiho19 - Novice - night school English
Tuesday 14/05/2013, 23:46

Yeah i like it more organized =)
lemiho19 - Novice - night school English
Wednesday 15/05/2013, 00:07

Join this guild =]
lemiho19 - Novice - night school English
Friday 17/05/2013, 15:54

Best guild
lemiho19 - Novice - night school English
Monday 20/05/2013, 14:59

Sorry I havnt recruited recently been busy
lemiho19 - Novice - night school English
Tuesday 21/05/2013, 14:27

Hey everyone join night school we recieve average of 4 applicants per day only the best of those may join with the minimum lvl requirement, respect for the other players, and they may never beg for cards. Card beggars are banned from the guild With only one warning. Disrespect for the other people in the guild is an auto ban no warning. Getting close to lvl 28 so join befor we hit that or we close our doors for a while (wont be for a couple months).

lemiho19 - Novice - night school English
Wednesday 22/05/2013, 01:14

Join today and recieve half of a penutbutter and jelly sandwich

(must be 1yrs old or younger to order see lemiho19 for more detailes)
AznRepublic - Titan - E X C A L I B U R English
Wednesday 22/05/2013, 02:07

thegoldenorc - Senior - R-E-V-O-L-U-T-I-O-N English
Wednesday 22/05/2013, 05:10

Looks interesting

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