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Wednesday 15/05/2013, 00:06

Are you having trouble with something in the game and you need help but you do not have the time to look up the answer? Well i have a solution ask your question here and i will do my best to keep up and answer your questions. I am hoping this thread will make life easier for moderators and admins along with giving me something to do while I'm not fighting. =)

Anyone can answer a question or if they don't like my answer they can reply with a better one. If i get behind in my answers i will answer with @Username or @PartOfUsername at the beginning so that you know who i am talking to.

I have subscribed to this topic so that questions are sent to my inbox that way i can respond quicker, and anyone who wants to help me may subscribe to this topic. =)

I am not going to answer your questions like what is the best clan or what is the best card in a clan. Any personal questions you post i will not answer sorry.

Terms to know...
SOA- stop opponents ability
SOB- stop opponents bonus
DR- Damage Reducer

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Friday 17/05/2013, 15:56

Don't worry i couldn't type either...

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Monday 20/05/2013, 15:01

Keep asking questions ppl

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Wednesday 22/05/2013, 16:07

I am a successful guild founder and i can answer questions for those of you planing to start a guild I have a marketing guide on my message board if you want an easy way to make money =)

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Friday 24/05/2013, 16:21

So how bout some questions

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Friday 24/05/2013, 16:26

What's this marketing guide then?

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Friday 24/05/2013, 17:27

This guide can help you make quite a bit of money on the market as long as you observe the supply and demand of the cards. What I mean by this is how expensive the card is compared to the lowest card offered. To take advantage of this, you have to have completed a single step prior to working the market.

Credits: To take full advantage of this guide, you must have, at some point, purchased credits. You must have purchased any quantity of credits to buy or sell cards freely. You can purchase credits in many different ways. I started out by using my phone (which is no longer available) but I can purchase credits with iTunes money from my iPod. There are also many different ways to purchase credits and any way will work.

FREE CREDITS: You may take advantage of the free credit offers and sometimes they will count as a credit purchase allowing you to take advantage of the market. This can be risky however as it may not and it will give you a few credits that you can use, but not let you use the market unhindered.

The Market Games: You might need some practice before this becomes second nature to you, which can help you make a massive sum of money on the market. Let us start off with the evil Kate's tax rate which is standard at 5%... however since I invested in reducing this for the clan, it is currently at 4%. The higher you go, the more you lose but also the more you gain.

Evil Taxation Chart:


100 clintz is 4 clintz = 96 clintz
1,000 clintz is 40 clintz = 960 clintz
10,000 clintz is 400 clintz = 9,600 clintz
100,000 clintz is 4,000 clintz = 96,000 clintz

Timing is Everything: You may believe that this process doesn't require precise timing or perfect clicks and quick reflexes but it does. Some users make mistakes when selling cards and offer EXPENSIVE cards for as little as 100 clintz. This is where you will discover your new best friend. The F5 key. This key is a must have when working the market, not only is it fast, but also spammable if you have a quick computer/phone/iPod while playing this game. The F5 key will update the current market, showing you the lowest prices immediately allowing you to take advantage of insanely low prices (They are rare, but appear quite often if you are patient).

Observe: You need to observe the cards you are looking at to take advantage of them. You do not want to purchase a card that you will only break even or lose money on. To do this, you must beat the Evil Taxation from Kate as well as the the minimum amount to make a profit... 1 Clint is a profit, although not much, it is still a profit. Always look at the card you are about to buy. Let us assume you see a card selling for 100 clintz. Look at the next lowest pricing for the exact same card and it says 105 clintz. If you purchase the 100 clintz card, you do not want to sell it for 105 clintz or higher because it will, A. Not sell or B. You won't make a profit.

Let us say you see a Timber selling for 150 clintz. The next prices are 165, 167, and 178 repeating. There are two ways you can do this. First, you wanna pick up the 150 clintz Timber immediately and you can either place him on sell for 165 clintz as well or purchase the 165 and 167 cards as well and sell them for 177 each which would net you a nice profit. There is a trick to it however.

The Trick: This trick is a must to avoid people low balling you, which makes your cards go stale and you lose time and money because people are only purchasing the lowest cards available. To avoid this, you must only put one card on the market at a time for each unique card. So you can have one Cell and one Timber and one Robin for sale at the same time, but never have two Timber s on sale.

The Code to Live by: A way I have made quite a bit of money by playing on the market is by observing this one rule. For any quantity you want to sell a card for, you must sell it for 10% more than you bought it for. Because that is an odd number, let me explain.

Bought - Sell For
100 ctz - 110 ctz + 10
160 ctz - 176 ctz + 16
12,000 ctz - 13,200 ctz + 1,200 ctz

Always remove a zero and add it onto the buying price. If it will sell for too much over the next buying price, don't buy this card as you won't make a profit. Remember to always buy any card no matter what at 100 clintz if available because you will always make a profit of 5 clintz or more. And remember, you can always hold onto a card until it jumps up in price on the market.

Putting it altogether: To test what you learned here in this guide, I recommended starting with 3,000 clintz. Try to buy cheap and sell high. I would not recommend buying multiple cards, but if you believe you can make a profit on them, go ahead. Try to remember that the price you were gonna sell them for, if you can, try to write down how much you want to sell them for. Spend all of the money if possible but make a profit after it all sells. If you come out the next day with 4,000 clintz, you succeeded. Keep on doing this until you have made a nice sum of money to use one any cards that you need or just keep climbing to purchase those exceedingly rare cards.

That concludes my guide. Good luck to all of you moguls now, and happy Trading.
Created by Lemiho19
Edited by ForemoleDin

offline lemiho19 Novice night school
Friday 24/05/2013, 17:35

It's a little dated for the always buy cards at 100 Clint's part and the part where I explain the 10% over buying price the mat is only showing the profit in taxed buy for 100 sell for 110 make 4-5 Clint's

I market in the thousands so buy for 1000 sell for 1100 make 40-50 Clint's (more often buy 1000 sell for 1500 tax is 75 Clint's so make 425)

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Saturday 25/05/2013, 16:29

General Question !! I am familiar with all the clan backgrounds and animation but there is one I background I am not sure of is it the Leader clan background ?can anyone tell me a little about this? In the background there are two angel statues facing right to the city, I am on the iPhone app so I have no animation to describe ....

offline lemiho19 Novice night school
Saturday 25/05/2013, 22:49

Even though he already figured it out I'll post the answer

It is the leader background (credit (((-))) for the answer)

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Sunday 26/05/2013, 17:16

Thanks for the above marketing guide, made about 350 clintz on that, not much, but still a profit

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