Friday 17/05/2013, 11:28

Everyone's been asking about these peacemakers who seemed to have appeared from nowhere. Well, all your questions will be answered at the top of the Pile Tower, the building in eternal construction. There you can see the new arrivals challenge the criminals and lowlife of Clint City in sensational fights. In the ring, Wonder Lana reduces her opponents to smithereens while Zapatino head-butts them flying into the air. El Matador has them on their knees with his famous Megacrusher so that Pandagran can then finish them off with a devastating rodeo move. The Huracan are ready to rampage!

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Saturday 18/05/2013, 00:09

Imagine in the list warehouse, 60 plus attack

Saturday 18/05/2013, 00:26

This is killer. period. with kenny, if you win the rist round with kenny, let's say 6-7 pills, you still have 6-5 pills left.. and you have aproximatly 20 life.. so in the next round the huracane will have +20 atack! even if he beats you the next round you will still have maybe 15 life left, so another +15 attack. high risk, high gain, very versitile clan, absouletly love them! and just imagine the jungos with Nyema, or heal with Eggman. crazy!

Saturday 18/05/2013, 00:40

Bridget plus kenny plus this clan equals mass destruction

Saturday 18/05/2013, 01:57


Saturday 18/05/2013, 03:08

El Matador is a hell of a cardsmiley

Saturday 18/05/2013, 03:14

Fear greem smiley

Saturday 18/05/2013, 03:38

If you use this clan, you better pack some heal in there in case of poison...

Saturday 18/05/2013, 09:31

Freaks and Berzerk are the main problems clan of the Huracan.
Jungo, Ulu Watu, Roots and some cards like Kalindra and Kenny make them stronger, but you need to know to pill this cards early high to get this lifegap. Then some pilzz are missing and it´s very difficult to win wheter you have got better bonus effect or not. This is my oppinion.

Saturday 18/05/2013, 15:14

Idk why no one has mentioned if you use this clan and lose to Hilly Billy.

Saturday 18/05/2013, 15:37

Same reason why all the other high 'damage' cards aren't mentioned. Lose first round and you're almost bonusless.


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