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[RECR] Looking for a fun active guild? join Urban Madness!

[RECR] Looking for a fun active guild? join Urban Madness!
Saturday 18/05/2013, 13:00
UM_AaaBattery - Moderator English

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[RECR] Looking for a fun active guild? join Urban Madness!
UM_AaaBattery - Moderator - URBAN MADNESSEnglish - Saturday 18/05/2013, 13:00

Do you want to be part of one of the top guilds in the world?
Do you want to be part of one of the top UK guilds? (Though you Don’t have to be from the UK because we accept anyone who meets the entry requirements).
Do you want a guild that is fun and active?
Do you want members that will help you advance into deeper waters and understandings of the game?
Do you want loads and loads of giveaways?
Do you want to know the secrets of winning Events/ELO/Daily Tournaments/Survivor,Solo,Coliseum and Deathmatch
Do you want regularly updated information on the ELO metagame?
Do you want to know the low down on all the new cards that get released?
Why not join URBAN MADNESS?

-level 30+
-You must be able to speak English.
-You must play a minimum of 1 fight per month. (This is just so we can see that people haven’t left the game)

"Question UM_AaaBattery.
Player: I love this game and I'm really really active but i'm only lv 25 can you let me in please? I have really good cards!!"

UM_AaaBattery: Unfortunately UM is very strict on our 30+ rules so there are no exceptions. But as soon as you reach level 30 you can join.

"Question UM_AaaBattery.
Player: What if we go away for a month or so making it impossible for us to play the game?"

UM_AaaBattery: We have a thread in the stickies entitled: "(!!!) Rifle Range (!!!)" Where you can post that you are away.

When you join please can you look at the tags system in our message board rules so you know what to do when posting threads.

Past Founders in order: UM-Pinstripe, XC 1984, Skullwiel.

Current founder: UM_AaaBattery

Join now you won't regret it.
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UM_AaaBattery - Moderator - URBAN MADNESS English
Wednesday 01/01/2014, 21:12

Join Urban Madness. We are a friendly, though quite mad, group of people.
Yurieu HoA - Guru - Harbingers of Ares English
Thursday 02/01/2014, 08:45

Aaa battery is an awesome dude thats been on ur since like forever, guilds in good hands
tgh02 - Titan - Open Casket English
Thursday 02/01/2014, 22:18

Much respect to Battery & Urban Madness, they're a group of top notch players

All UR guilds & players uphold an unwritten agreement that we respect every guild's recruitment thread. Please refrain from interrupting UM_AaaBattery's thread in the future.

edited by UM_AaaBattery Thursday 02/01/2014, 22:18
DA_Banana - Master - Potato Flavored Potatoes English
Thursday 02/01/2014, 19:32

I like the fact that my comment was edited because i complimented the guild honestly. I said that i liked the guild but pointed out one thing i didn't like. I was not insulting the guild but saying that it was good while stating my honest opinion. according to tgh complimenting a guild is "interupting it". I'm suprised that if he feels this way he didn't get richiliu to get everybody elses comments edited. Anyways i am not mad at Urban Madness in anyway because they are a great guild and i won't post what i said about it because it will probably get this comment removed if it doesn't get removed already because i am stating what i feel.
Anyways Urban Madness is nice. Join it
UM_AaaBattery - Moderator - URBAN MADNESS English
Thursday 02/01/2014, 22:24

Hi, I don't actually know what was said as it was edited before I got here (I have removed them as a bunch of edited by ??? posts just look messy lol). On recruitment threads please refrain from posting criticism as it can lead to problems and goes against what the threads for. I don't mind suggestions of improvements so if people have suggestions please pm me I listen to them aslong as they aren't offensive/upsetting (No "I don't like UM_AaaBattery pms lol).

Lets all be friends and think before we post
_2015_ - Titan - Friendzone English
Thursday 02/01/2014, 22:44

Battery is wonderful and helpful
DA_Banana - Master - Potato Flavored Potatoes English
Friday 03/01/2014, 11:39

UM_AaaBattery - Moderator - URBAN MADNESS English
Monday 20/01/2014, 10:38

Thank you.
UM_AaaBattery - Moderator - URBAN MADNESS English
Friday 04/04/2014, 14:37

Whats, that coming over the hill, Is it the madness, Its the madness.
wghheghfuehui - Novice English
Friday 04/04/2014, 15:07

Battery =awesome
Maddmess = epic

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