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[RECR] Looking for a fun active guild? join Urban Madness!

[RECR] Looking for a fun active guild? join Urban Madness!
Saturday 18/05/2013, 13:00
UM_AaaBattery - Moderator English

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[RECR] Looking for a fun active guild? join Urban Madness!
UM_AaaBattery - Moderator - URBAN MADNESSEnglish - Saturday 18/05/2013, 13:00

Do you want to be part of one of the top guilds in the world?
Do you want to be part of one of the top UK guilds? (Though you Don’t have to be from the UK because we accept anyone who meets the entry requirements).
Do you want a guild that is fun and active?
Do you want members that will help you advance into deeper waters and understandings of the game?
Do you want loads and loads of giveaways?
Do you want to know the secrets of winning Events/ELO/Daily Tournaments/Survivor,Solo,Coliseum and Deathmatch
Do you want regularly updated information on the ELO metagame?
Do you want to know the low down on all the new cards that get released?
Why not join URBAN MADNESS?

-level 30+
-You must be able to speak English.
-You must play a minimum of 1 fight per month. (This is just so we can see that people haven’t left the game)

"Question UM_AaaBattery.
Player: I love this game and I'm really really active but i'm only lv 25 can you let me in please? I have really good cards!!"

UM_AaaBattery: Unfortunately UM is very strict on our 30+ rules so there are no exceptions. But as soon as you reach level 30 you can join.

"Question UM_AaaBattery.
Player: What if we go away for a month or so making it impossible for us to play the game?"

UM_AaaBattery: We have a thread in the stickies entitled: "(!!!) Rifle Range (!!!)" Where you can post that you are away.

When you join please can you look at the tags system in our message board rules so you know what to do when posting threads.

Past Founders in order: UM-Pinstripe, XC 1984, Skullwiel.

Current founder: UM_AaaBattery

Join now you won't regret it.
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Daxose - Legend - URBAN MADNESS English
Tuesday 10/02, 15:59

Summary of rules:

1) use a tag when creating a topic
2) be respectful
3) have fun receiving cards in our giveaways; participating in multiple events every week; and discussing the latest updates and trends in UR!

Come to UM: where rules will never hold you back from what you want to accomplish
{Titan} - Legend - ``THe_PeRFeCT_UnKnOwN`` English
Wednesday 11/02, 08:37

Most of the rules are common sense like don't be racist.

The rules are literally points 1) and 2) Daxose said.
UM_AaaBattery - Moderator - URBAN MADNESS English
Friday 13/02, 00:50

This is a copy and past of our rules. They are all common sense.

Guild Message Board/Chat room Rules:

1. Please try not to swear as it can offend players.

2. No racism- we do not tolerate it. You will be kicked out of the guild if you are racist.

3. No advertising other guilds but you are allowed to advertise things like "youtube" channels, etc.

4. Refrain from going too off-topic (e.g. a vote thread and you post something completely random) this is what the random chat thread is for.

5. No flaming or being really harsh. There is a difference from being jokey to being downright mean and in UM, we don't like people like that.

6. Treat everyone with respect.

7. No begging for free or really cheap cards.

8. Don't swamp the board, if there is already a thread about what you are trying to achieve use it, don't make a new one (e.g. making a thread for a deck when there's a deck help thread).

10. We are friends with everyone, unless they break our rules.

11. Please speak English in the guild chat/message boards: So we can understand what you are saying. This also allows us to easily make sure players are not breaking any of the rules.

12. It is advised that creators of threads close/delete their threads when they are done with them. This can be done by posting on the thread informing the admins/founder that the thread can be deleted.

We have 1 other rule which is the start each thread with a tag but this is easy to do and is the same rules the UR recruitment and Sales threads use:
Daxose - Legend - URBAN MADNESS English
Monday 16/02, 16:30

Enjoy your valentine's day? If not, join us at UM where lovers and spiteful mistresses unite!
Daxose - Legend - URBAN MADNESS English
Tuesday 17/02, 23:29

Current topic discussions going on in UM:

-Our second giveaway this week is underway
-3 different event topics are being talked through with tips and advice for guild members
-Multiple DT and ELO topics are up being discussed
-CRs were speculated earlier this week
-And we are all wondering what you're currently listening to (we like music)

Check out UM to join in on one of the most popular and active ENG guilds out there
Daxose - Legend - URBAN MADNESS English
Thursday 19/02, 17:23

Want a guild that has EVERY perk? You can have it all right here at URBAN MADNESS
UM_AaaBattery - Moderator - URBAN MADNESS English
Sunday 22/02, 08:11

Thinking of joining Urban Madness but aren't 100% sure then please visit us to see what its like .
UM_Hokage - Guru - URBAN MADNESS English
Sunday 22/02, 12:10

Daxose - Legend - URBAN MADNESS English
Yesterday at 15:13

Looking for some perks and some friendly activity while you're playing Urban Rivals?


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