offline AznRepublic Guru E X C A L I B U R
Saturday 18/05/2013, 23:16

Urban Rivals, in it's current state, has made some good choices and bad choices (I'd say the bad choices are more see-able and overshadow the good choices)

I will tell you this...
-Levels don't matter
-ELO is unbalanced
-Urban Rivals population has not changed in size, at least in a good way.
-Deathmatch is a completely useless mode now. (Used to be the room you would mission now)

Just to point out some of the bad things about UR. What would you change about UR to make it a game that could keep new and upcoming players while keeping older players happy?

offline Zincomega Titan THE_POWER
Tuesday 14/01/2014, 21:28

How about something similar to Fantasy Rivals with item drops and looting? I was thinking of card crafting with these ideas as well. Every clan has their own set of items they can drop, let's say 5 items. Every time you defeat an opponent (or maybe against a card) they have a chance to drop an item corresponding to the clans they used. Say I beat an opponent's mono Montana deck, I have a chance of picking up an item from the Montana set of items.

When you have enough of a clan's set of items, you can trade it in for a Ld card (from a new set of Ld cards) for that corresponding clan's set of items. Once you receive the Ld, then you can trade in any leftover items for different rewards.

Only problem would getting items from lesser used clans. So maybe just have a generic set of items each time you defeat an opponent.

offline mihalll7_UM Event team URBAN MADNESS
Wednesday 15/01/2014

Please, please, please, for the love of God, no looting, no crafting

offline EddieMangoHoA Colossus Harbingers of Ares
Wednesday 15/01/2014, 01:55

Looting and crafting = no go
but we need to revamp Deathmatch, that used to be what i played all the time, but now theirs almost never more than 100 people on it
we also need get rid of the slots, (only my own personal hate as i never win anything good)
we need to make things more new player friendly as well, too many of them are joining and then becoming inactive

offline AznRepublic Guru E X C A L I B U R
Friday 17/01/2014, 18:37

I DEMAND the right to edit my own forums in the public forums. How am I supposed to keep track and update my guides and auctions? Use your brain, staff.

offline Infiniti Moderator Open Casket
Friday 17/01/2014, 19:02

Are you jealous Mr.Asian? smiley

edited by Infiniti friday 17/01/2014, 19:02

offline T4nash Imperator UndertakeR TeaM
Friday 17/01/2014, 22:16

Hey guys, I just want to suggest something. Like every week there are icons in elo-banned cards which say that they are elo-banned ( like this ) , how about putting a coliseum ban icon so we can find them more easily.smiley

offline wasteroftime Titan Open Casket
Saturday 18/01/2014, 00:45

Yes quitting events is needed, badly

DEMAND???? seriously dude? It took a long time for forums to go from 100% moderated to basically live posting. I think youll need to imagine what would happen if posters could edit. The amount of bickering between, players followed by editing, followed by screenshots, followed by reports to mods/admin etc, you can imagine how the rest goes.

Coliseum ban button would be amazing. I do not want a coliseum forum at all -- for me a large part of the fun in coliseum is like events --- you figure out decks with friends.

a better way to scroll through ranking pages, your collection, etc. trying going backwards from say page 30 of a list... you'll get stopped at around 24.

offline DeepEnd Imperator Limit Break
Saturday 18/01/2014, 07:14

Edits could be done with revisions system. You can edit and the last revision is seen, but you could also see "revision history" with older edits. This would reveal discussion manipulation attempts.

offline troll4663 Master  
Saturday 18/01/2014, 08:01

Maybe an off topic thread. It makes no sense when you want to say "hi" or something and have to post it in strategy and tactics general.

offline DA_Banana Veteran TRiNiTY
Saturday 18/01/2014, 13:14

For deathmatch
every day choose the 5 random dm players with the top 150 scores . each will win crs worth 400k max with the highest score winning the most valuable cr. every person in deathmatch that day. or you could do this system
after the end of the day every 10 win dm gets 50 credits every 9 wins gets 20 and every 8 wins gets 10

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