Sunday 19/05/2013, 09:21


Because I Just got Andy Ld but there are really too much 3* Skeelz to choose from,
so why not put them all in.

Sunday 19/05/2013, 12:54

Lolwut v2.0

replaced some random 3* with Sandro the magnificent mini Michael

Sunday 19/05/2013, 13:41

Issue with Skeelz 3s is high utility, low damage... Anything with DR still has an excellent shot at beating this deck even after a 3-round loss, if Greem isn't drawn.

Sunday 19/05/2013, 13:51

IMO you really need a nuke, and Redra. Sure this deck minimizes the chances of a bad hand, but you will never have truly "great" hands too.

Sunday 19/05/2013, 14:39

I was thinkin about putting Redra in, but then I thought about the constant threat/tension my hand can create so yaeh...

Sunday 19/05/2013, 17:12

Nice deck. smiley


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