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Hello Urban Rivals community, AR here again. I am here to share my experience on how to get fast battle points! 

Saturday 25/05/2013, 21:39


I am AR, I have played this game for 4 years (as of the creation of this guide)

I was never fond of ELO, Survivor, Daily Tournaments, Events, Duel, Colisseum, whatever UR releases. 

Upon the release of Deathmatch, I just fell in love with the mode. So simple, no stress, just killing people for fun. Started Deathmatch on my old account at around lvl 25, I started off as a Deathmatch Extended 25 player.

Upon the time span of 2 years, I created a lvl 83 account, which I retired and perma-banned myself.

After the destruction of that account, I made a random lvl 45 for no reason within the time span of 2 weeks. No reason, just made that account, I perma-banned that one as well.

Now, I created this account. I just played Deathmatch, I started off at Deathmatch Standard since it was new. Fell in love with the mode. Still my favorite mode since it was the most balanced. I play Deathmatch Extended the most though. I couldn't just waste my time in a mode where almost no one plays.

I was inspired by no players to do this. I didn't even expect myself to even hit lvl 100 so fast. My goal was make 10,000 xp a weekday and 15,000 to 25,000 xp a weekend. And if I failed, then I failed my goal.

Now, I didn't expect to see myself getting lvl 1 to 100 in exactly 90 days. (26/8/12 to 26/11/12)

My xp accomplishments each month for lvl 100:

Time Span (Pure DM):
30 Days: 330,000 xp (Level 70)
60 Days: 360,000 xp (Level 90)
90 Days: 330,000 xp (Level 100)
Best XP in a day: 25,000 xp
Best XP in a week: 110,000 xp
Best XP in a month: 360,000 xp

I would consider this the world record without the use of pfulls. I'm now making this guide to show people how getting an insane amount of XP in a month is even possible. (Well, we can just say the only way you could get that xp is no life it. But I can show you how to make the time you spend getting xp feel like nothing)

Saturday 25/05/2013, 21:40


I will include all the following methods. Some of these methods have subsections, so you may have to reference to the Table of Contents for what you want to look at specifically:

•Playing the market for more xp
•Miscellaneous Tips

Saturday 25/05/2013, 21:40


I like to keep everything in an orderly fashion just like my guild message boards. So, here is a table of contents to help you find what you need to gain some insane bp!

Post 1:Intro
Post 2: Background
Post 3: What to expect
Post 4: Table of Contents
Post 5: Deathmatch
Post 6: Deathmatch Extended
Post 7: Deathmatch Extended 25
Post 8: Deathmatch Standard
Post 9: Prefulling
Post 10: Duel
Post 11: Playing the Market for more XP
Post 12: Miscellaneous Tips
Post 13: Music, etc.
Post 14: Time Management
Post 15: Motivation
Post 16: Goals
Post 17: Thank You

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Deathmatch, oh Deathmatch. How low respect you are given. Deathmatch is a mode primarily to gain xp and do missions if you're one of those players. Of course, there's now duel mode, so you can do missions there as well. Well, Deathmatch is the mode where you may use ELO banned cards and duel others in a set mode. 

Not much else to say about Deathmatch other than the fact that Deathmatch mode is like the retarded stepbrother of all the modes. What I'm saying is, no one respects this mode because it gives no prizes.

I will chop this section into three sections, which will include:

•Deathmatch Extended
•Deathmatch Extended 25
•Deathmatch Standard

Saturday 25/05/2013, 21:42


Deathmatch Extended is currently the most played Deathmatch mode of the three Deathmatch modes. Any cards are allowed in this mode, and Ambre is your best friend. Deathmatch Extended is the fastest Deathmatch mode of the three mentioned.


•Fastest way to gain xp of the three Deathmatch modes.
•Requires low amount of skill.
•Deck building is simple for Deathmatch Extended.
•Largest player pool of the three Deathmatch modes.

Ambre OP.
•Requires most money compared to two other Deathmatch modes.

I'd recommend Deathmatch Extended since it gives the most experience of them all.

Saturday 25/05/2013, 21:42


Deathmatch Extended 25 is slightly different that Deathmatch Extended since you have a 25* limit, where as in Deathmatch Extended there is no limit. This adds tactical deck making skills, it will give some ELO skill, and this mode is probably the most skillful of the three Deathmatch modes. Deathmatch Extended 25 is the second most popular Deathmatch mode of the three mentioned.


•Can be good experience for ELO.
•Does not require as much money as Deathmatch Extended.

•Least amount of xp compared to the two other Deathmatch modes.
•Small player pool compared to Deathmatch Extended.
•Deck building can be iffy.

I would recommend Deathmatch Extended 25 if you're more comfortable with a more ELO type playstyle and also good for practicing for ELO. Definitely do not recommend for gaining XP since it gives the least.

Saturday 25/05/2013, 21:43


Deathmatch Standard is the newest Deathmatch mode of the three Deathmatch modes mentioned. Deathmatch Standard features the newer generation of cards in Urban Rivals and also is the only Deathmatch mode to feature cards being banned every bi-season. I honestly love Standard since it gives me more of a sense of balance than the other two.


•Does not require much deckbuilding skills.
•Really balanced.
•Ridiculously fun.
•Decent xp.

•No one plays this mode.

Since no one plays this mode, you can sit there and whack off until someone comes in!

Saturday 25/05/2013, 21:45


The quickest, yet most expensive, way of gaining xp! You can get 800,000 xp in one day if you are a billionaire in UR! This process cost millions of clintz, so this is not recommended if your collection is worth less than 10,000,000 clintz.


•Fastest way to gain xp.
•No skill. Literally.
•Does not require high xp reserve provided you're rich.

•Cost too much money.
•No skill. Literally.

Basically, buy a bunch of nearly leveled up cards and you will shortcut to level 100+ in no time!

Saturday 25/05/2013, 21:46


Duel mode, one of the newest mode Urban Rivals has to offer! You get to beat Kate up for all those Crs you didn't win in ELO and DT, you can get revenge on her here! This is the perfect mode for mission points, but with enough grinding, can potentially give a good amount of xp. I have low experience with Duel mode, but I will contribute what I feel about the mode.


•Very fast battles
•You get to beat up Kate!
•Free mission points
•Decent xp

•No clue. Kate is a jerk?
•You are facing a mindless bot who you may not gain much skill from.

This is all I feel for the Duel mode. A decent addition to Urban Rivals.


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