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Tuesday 28/05/2013, 21:05

Design a card! Let your imagination flow!

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Timeline of post creators of the "If you will be making a card in this game, what will it be?" series:

-6SimS-Sven (Original Creator, Part 1)
-Mr Intelijent (Part 2)
-Edon EG (Part 3)
-SadisticCynic (Part 4)
-Six Nations (Part 5)

Post away, fellow Urban Rivals players! smiley

offline AbigailWyatt Colossus Wise Men Distracted
Sunday 09/06/2013, 19:20

3*, 7/4: Copy Opp Bonus

Initially having bought her camera to record the antics within Borgia's Palace, Connie realised she had a weapon in her hands when she caught footage of Melvin making an illegal u-turn over a double yellow line. Now named 'The Borgia Blackmailer', she uses the faux pas of the forces against them to get what she wants. Though luckily for the Sentinel, all this Montana usually wants is a decent calzone and a couple of hundred clintz to pay back that week's lost bet against Gianfranco...

Connie is based on so-called video vigilantes who record police faux pas when the forces break the very laws they are trying to uphold. Her appearance would be based on Connie Corleone from the Godfather, hence her name (I feel more Montana need roots from Mafia fiction and media).

offline troll4663 Master  
Monday 10/06/2013, 00:48

2* 8/1 Ability: Defeat: -1 damage reduction for every 4 hearts your opponent has max 3 damage reduction (like huracan's bonus, except damage reduction) Illustration should be a hot chick like charlie, but blond or something smiley

Growing up, Princess was always in the shadow of her older sister Charlie. It's not that Princess didn't have talent; she did, but everything Princess could do, Charlie could do better. In high school, things were no different. During finals week, Charlie didn't pick up a book, but Princess was studying all night. Though they had a good relationship, when Charlie was offered a scholarship to an exclusive college in the infamous Clint City, Princess was furious. Princess didn't get a scholarship anywhere. While Charlie was away at college, Princess was plotting revenge, and when Charlie formed the Pussycats, she chose to join and wait for the perfect moment to strike back.........

offline troll4663 Master  
Monday 10/06/2013, 00:57

I guess my character's ability would be called Defeat: Jealousy, or something

offline Thoazol Moderator Wise Men Distracted
Monday 10/06/2013, 07:49

-1 opp. damage per 4 opp life left, min 2/3. No need for the maximum since most of the time there wouldn't be more than 3 or 4 point of reduction. And it's DR, so no need for defeat.

offline troll4663 Master  
Monday 10/06/2013, 08:04


offline Skorpionex Titan The Masters Of Death
Tuesday 11/06/2013, 21:28

3* 6/4 Stop: -6 dmg, min.1
After losing 2nd truck in jaws of Mechakolos, Travis Ld asked Nobrocybix for help. In response he created this amazing android adapted to fighting with any over-20-feet-tall-bloodthirsty robot.

offline troll4663 Master  
Wednesday 12/06/2013, 02:10

Guess what this one is based off of. i got the idea from a parody, and then i watched the show and was like: wow.

Blabby Dee
3* 8/2 Ability: -1 opponent pillz per turn Min.0
Back when Blabby Dee yearned a perfect life, Blabby Dee just couldn't seem to get a man. After finding out a guy she was deeply in love with was gay, she decided to cut her losses in the men pool and join the Pussycats.

2* 7/1 Ability: -2 opp power and damage min 6.
A few years ago, Mimi was Blabby Dee's protege. When Mimi turned 12, she felt she was ready to leave the pressure of Schmittshurg behind. Searching and searching for a place to "escape from life" for a year, she finds the Junkz HQ, and eventually, Mimi calls it home.

offline Awilly Colossus URBAN MADNESS
Wednesday 12/06/2013, 03:19


4* 7/5

Ability: Revive: +3 Damage

Revive is an ability that when your opp. is using a DR it is activated with the, in this case, 3 Damage

While trying to fit in with most lions, Leo was yet never accepted but with the help of Psylo, Leo was welcomed into the Jungo's with open arms! Now, he vows to attack all of those who shunned him, and will let nothing stand in his way

offline Awilly Colossus URBAN MADNESS
Wednesday 12/06/2013, 03:20

Change Leo's name to Austin

offline TheDoomBug Colossus Limit Break
Wednesday 12/06/2013, 03:53

Funniest suggestion I've read in a while. I think it's limiting condition balances out it's low of min, too.

Now depending on your intention Blabby Dee is either decent or broke-as-heck. If that's intended as a Pill Poison/Burn effect, it sounds okay, a pill-focused Cherry. Raising the min by one or two couldn't hurt. If that's intended as Eklore-esque, I shouldn't have to tell you how unfair it is.

Mimi's DR min looks too high to be of any use (outside of blocking OHKO) and the power drain and damage are inferior to Dreen. You could either up the damage and ditch the DR (to be a Dreen alternative) or keep both and lower the min (to be a Veenyle Cr replacement).

4* Junkz
Reprisal: -11 Opp Attack, min 6
A limited Rowdy. An attack reducer that only works on two turns.

It's been said that when Xone was born he was holding a computer. It's just a silly joke, but people who've met him wouldn't be surprised if it were true. Constantly at work on the net, he eventually found a way inside it. Yes, inside of the internet and now he lives there. His mind hasn't held up to well and he's prone to random outbursts which is how he ended up on Haze's radar. It didn't take her long to convince Xone that helping the Junkz fight for their rights would be a whole lot of fun.

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