offline Espectroscuro Colossus Le p0tager
Friday 31/05/2013, 11:26

Since their arrival in the Pile Tower, the Huracan clan have been really been spicing things up! Now new members have arrived in Clint City and are challenging the most violent gangs to quite singular fights in which the losers end up cleaning the washrooms of the fight arena. So if you’re up to no good, you might just come up against Gatuchica, the growling luchadorita, or El Kaktus, the green-fingered luchador. Worse still, you might be unlucky enough to encounter El Gascaro or La Cobra cleaning up bars of ill-repute. So be warned: be sure to be on your best behavior!

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offline Thoazol Moderator Wise Men Distracted
Tuesday 11/06/2013, 13:37

It's a recurring pattern?
Last year it was 4 Frozn, 4 Frozn, 2 Frozn + Tolliver and Sheryl.
Before that, 4 Berzerk, 4 Berzerk, 2 berzerk + Rhyno and Marty.
So, it's not certain but probable. Also, the leader probably won't be released next time, as both Kalindra and Cortez were among the fourth normally released cards. Again, a recurring pattern so I might be wrong.

offline YorkMorgan_UM Titan URBAN MADNESS
Thursday 13/06/2013, 09:06

My guess:

2 Huracan, Frozn (basing this on the coliseum), and Nightmare

offline Poison Ivy89 Veteran  
Thursday 13/06/2013, 16:06

Predictions are 2 huracan, nightmare, and All stars.

offline -DaddySteel- Imperator  
Thursday 13/06/2013, 20:25

I make a weird guess, but from what i see it might even be 2 Huracan and 2 Frozn

available Awilly Colossus URBAN MADNESS
Thursday 13/06/2013, 23:12

2 Huracan+ 1 Upper + 1 All-Star

available Awilly Colossus URBAN MADNESS
Thursday 13/06/2013, 23:23

Actually no I think it will be 2 Huracan +1 Fang Pi Clan (have had 1 in the last 50, and it seems like we are going to get one tomorrow) + 1 Skeelz (We haven't had one since Minerva)

offline maki_mUR Senior Dragons Cro Clan
Friday 14/06/2013, 01:45

@awilly - plunk was released more recently.

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