Friday 31/05/2013, 13:30

Am just wondering what people think about the All Stars, I currently have all the All Stars but Lamar Cr and I was just thinking what people considered the best All star deck. I have actually been playing with every all star in my deck because I can't decide 8 good cards out of all the All Stars to use as a permanent 8 card deck I am however using Ambre the Leader card she makes a super Leader card to have with this deck it makes it quite a useful deck with her added to it so am just wondering out of all the all star cards except for Lamar Cr what 7 cards do any of you reckon I should use for a strong deck?

Friday 31/05/2013, 13:55

Oh please, Ambre makes even Katsuhkay a semi-viable option to play. smiley Challenge yourself and use Vholt or Ashigaru. #VholtFor2013

And strong deck how? I know it's not an elo deck you're planning, nor Standard, but give us something to build it into.

Friday 31/05/2013, 15:16

Its not an elo and I don't think I could make a standard deck? Maybe I could hmmmm well I have 8 Bangers aswell suppose I could use 3 All Stars, 1 Leader and 4 Bangers? What you think...? I have 3 GHEIST also but not that are of any great skill except for Kolos but he is over-rated

Friday 31/05/2013, 15:33

Thoazal was asking what room you're planning to play in with your deck. Tourney? Survivor? Elo? Deathmatch?
If you're putting Ambre in your deck, you can't play Elo (she's permanently banned over there), and you probably won't be playing with it in tourneys either (because she has a massive -10 point penalty)... so that does restrict your options a bit.

Each of those modes have different playstyles, so different cards will be stronger/weaker in those formats.

Last, rather than list how many cards of each clan you have, it helps to list the actual cards you have. I have around 18 GHEIST cards at the moment, but they're all trash... I won't be building a GHEIST half anytime soon, because i'm missing a lot of their staples. Why not tell us what your Bangers cards are, then we can figure out if you have a good All Stars/Bangers deck to go with, or if you need to run mono All Stars.

Friday 31/05/2013, 15:41

Okay well I plan to playing tourney but I actually want to play in Elo am just new to this game and don't have a clue how you build a deck for elo but I really like all star cards that is why I have every single all star card but Lamar Cr I now have Vholt and Ambre so if I was to use a Leader card I could use any of them and as for Bangers I have Kevlaer, Loocio, Naykee and Fifty....

Friday 31/05/2013, 15:42

One, Kolos isn't a GHEIST.
Two, only do π decks if the three is a non-offensive bonus clan. (Eg, +- life, +- damage, poison.)
Three, stick to the original idea... scoop together all the Elo banned cards, all the cards than have been elo banned, and see where you are.

Friday 31/05/2013, 15:44

Oh yeah Kolos is a Nightmare sorry only just realized that. How do you find out what cards are Elo banned?

Friday 31/05/2013, 15:46

There's a pill and a cross on the card. Look at Robb Cr.

Yes, horrible advice but so far the most he is co-operating.

Friday 31/05/2013, 15:48

Okay thanks

Friday 31/05/2013, 15:55

I think I might build a mono deck and a dual clan deck


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