Thursday 06/06/2013, 10:08

The list of ELO banned characters will be updated on Monday, June 10st 2013.
This list could be changed by Friday
Click here to view the list of characters banned in ELO mode. See below for an overview of the changes made. 
The following cards have been permanently added to the list of characters banned in ELO:
Beeboy (Bangers)
Grudj (Freaks)
Troompah (Jungo)
Bristone (GHEIST)
Avola (Montana)
Mona (Montana)

Karrion (Nightmare)
Jeena (Roots)
Gertjan (Roots)
Mokra (Sakrohm)
Greem (Skeelz)
Dorian (Uppers)

The following cards have been permanently removed from the list of characters banned in ELO
Olga (Freaks)
Oshitsune (Nightmare)
Yookie (Roots)


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Monday 03/06/2013, 11:24

Blaaster Cr is FINALLY banned from ELO.

Monday 03/06/2013, 11:26

Oshitsune doesn't get back still? Ur has high statted soa cards like Elvis Jean Qubik and protection power cards Melanie Lena Harrow Ld to counter him, he's not that overpowered anymore. Plus most Nightmare players only involve Glorg as a 4* in their decks.

Monday 03/06/2013, 11:28

Lehane also, since her ban. Sentinel was almost dead at elo! Trust me, I'm always wanting to see a Sentinel deck but they're almost gone. Luke Doesn't replace her! Sentinel are very open to SOA, even though they have Palmer, Zhang and Flinch (which are all weak without soa). They need solid statted card.

Monday 03/06/2013, 11:31

Did Mokra escape the bans to act as a sponge for the player votes?

Monday 03/06/2013, 11:32

Blaaster Cr wasn't worth it dearest UR Staff. When Blaaster Cr was unbanned he was barely even used in elo because of clan competition. Beeboy is more of a ban, Bangers still have Bodenpower anyway.

Monday 03/06/2013, 11:32

The following cards have been permanently added to the list of characters banned in ELO:

Blaaster Cr (Bangers): Fine he was a strong 4*

Grudj (Freaks): An ok trade him for Olga.

Troompah (Jungo): Expected.

Bristone (GHEIST): A bit annoying but GHEIST still has some good 3*s

Avola (Montana): A strong 5* so fine.

Mona (Montana): Expected.

Jeena (Roots): Expected.

Gertjan (Roots): He was strong but im not sure a ban was needed.

Uranus (Sakrohm): I was surprised when she left the list so a return was expected.

Greem (Skeelz): Fine.

The following cards have been permanently removed from the list of characters banned in ELO:

Arkn (GHEIST): Yay, I allways wondered why he was banned so a return is good and makes up for brinstone.

Olga (Freaks): Tradeing her for Grudj is fine.

Elvira (Rescue): A bit more help for Rescue which is fine not too op.

Yookie (Roots): A good exchange for Jeena

Monday 03/06/2013, 11:50

Should have gone with Beeboy and not Blaaster Cr! Liking the switch of Olga and Grudj, as well as Bristone and Arkn. The Roots' switch is good too, but we'll see the return of the dreaded 11* half, and now they have some real versatility in 12*/13*/14*.

I don't think both Avola and Mona needed a ban

Liking the bans of Troompah, Uranus and Greem. Disliking Elvira's return; I hope Rescue aren't everywhere now.

Could have unbanned Oshitsune in my opinion, he's a nice meta game card that brings lots of others into play without being grossly overpowered.

Monday 03/06/2013, 11:51

Call me crazy, but I actually prefer Yookie over Jeena to begin with. smiley

I think it was fine to ban only 1 of Mokra and Uranus. Mokra has non-OP replacements, but Sakrohm doesn't have another Uranus. Like Thoazol suggested, Mokra will probably sponge a fair few player votes and be out most of the time anyway... at least this time when he breaks free he won't have Uranus to be abused along side (their unbanning is usually quite synchronised, interestingly enough).

Blaaster Cr was the only one I'm confused with. Doesn't bother me either way, but it isn't really necessary in my opinion. It's been summed up pretty well by some previous posts so there's not much for me to add.

Monday 03/06/2013, 11:52

Also, I would have liked to see an All Stars switch with Robb Cr being unbanned and Saki going in the banned list smiley

Monday 03/06/2013, 12:06

Just for fun. let's have a week of every character unbanned.. that would shake things up smiley


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