offline Espectroscuro Colossus Le p0tager
Thursday 06/06/2013, 10:08

The list of ELO banned characters will be updated on Monday, June 10st 2013.
This list could be changed by Friday
Click here to view the list of characters banned in ELO mode. See below for an overview of the changes made. 
The following cards have been permanently added to the list of characters banned in ELO:
Beeboy (BANGERS)
Grudj (FREAKS)
Troompah (JUNGO)
Bristone (GHEIST)

Jeena (ROOTS)
Gertjan (ROOTS)
Greem (SKEELZ)
Dorian (UPPERS)

The following cards have been permanently removed from the list of characters banned in ELO
Oshitsune (NIGHTMARE)
Yookie (ROOTS)


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offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Monday 10/06/2013, 15:27

Thanks. smiley

offline GWNGeneralZod Imperator Great White North
Monday 10/06/2013, 19:36

Why'd they have to change it to include Dorian? He's not that bad.

offline Moe2000 Senior  
Monday 10/06/2013, 22:32

You should really ban xu52 now that Mechakolos is out. There will only be mono ghiest now I thought the aim was to try reducing mono.

offline Moe2000 Senior  
Monday 10/06/2013, 22:36

Everyone: Now we have all managed to balance clans and mono will be played rarely
Staff: I know lets unban arkn and also let out a powerful 5 star called mechakolos and not ban xu52 we will obviously get no mono ghiest play and we will keep ghiest balanced.


offline nervous wmd Imperator  
Monday 10/06/2013, 22:37

...and the sky is falling and our computers will all explode now!

offline -Bakuryu Senior  
Monday 10/06/2013, 23:51

@moe: you mad bro?
mechakolos will be banned the majority. and there arent that many out right now while he isnt so no worries.

offline Monty XX Colossus Heaven Destroyer
Tuesday 11/06/2013, 07:47

@ Troy and Moei don't see any reason to ban mechakolos, he is not a must in Elo... Don't get confused by the first week, everyone on the first week after-ban play the new unban cards only and in this case we also have this new 5 stars that bring everyone to play gheist.

Actually the biggest mistake is probably the unban of Arkn....not the release of mechakolos.

offline M-Bison Titan Wise Men Distracted
Tuesday 11/06/2013, 07:50

Still need penalties in DT.

offline Moe2000 Senior  
Tuesday 11/06/2013, 08:01

No eaglefree i said xu52 should be banned.

offline Vinyl-Scratch Titan D-Versified
Tuesday 11/06/2013, 13:55

The unban of arkn isn't a mistake, it was a mistake to ban him in the first place Eagle. It would be much better for elo if alot of the banned cards were unbanned.

@Moe I doubt mechakolos and xu52 will be a good combo, they are both 5 stars.

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