offline Espectroscuro Colossus Le p0tager
Thursday 06/06/2013, 10:08

The list of ELO banned characters will be updated on Monday, June 10st 2013.
This list could be changed by Friday
Click here to view the list of characters banned in ELO mode. See below for an overview of the changes made. 
The following cards have been permanently added to the list of characters banned in ELO:
Beeboy (BANGERS)
Grudj (FREAKS)
Troompah (JUNGO)
Bristone (GHEIST)

Jeena (ROOTS)
Gertjan (ROOTS)
Greem (SKEELZ)
Dorian (UPPERS)

The following cards have been permanently removed from the list of characters banned in ELO
Oshitsune (NIGHTMARE)
Yookie (ROOTS)


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offline Spanden Imperator Steins;Gate
Monday 24/06/2013, 13:19

I don't think that Lamar Cr must be permanently banned in ELO mode.

offline 0 ComeAtMe Titan aussie crusaders
Monday 24/06/2013, 13:22

99% of ELO players would strongly disagree with you.

Right O ComeAtMe
b/w Why are you not banning Jautya??

available Thoazol Moderator Wise Men Distracted
Thursday 27/06/2013, 17:13

Soa, common; Damage reduction, very common; Sob with attack/power manipulation, pretty common.

SOA-Common that thing also applies to Kaindra?
Damage Reduction - very Common It can reduce it damage to 4 or 6?
Sob with attack/power manipulation- pretty common. 8/4 with attack manipulation is not that difficult????

offline -Bakuryu Senior  
Friday 28/06/2013, 08:38

Where did those stats come from?

offline Wakshaani Legend  
Monday 15/07/2013, 06:54

I never thought I'd ever see the day when people called *Freaks* overpowered.


Good times.

That said, I see that Derby Girl pulled a ban, as expected. 7/5 with +14 attack is too good as a 2 star. She'll sneak in and out of the banlists for a few months until people really focus on taking her out long term. Get her while she's hot.

As a player who's only flirted with 1300 ELO one time, my opnion isn't worth much, but I *can* say that I still see tons of Uppers, Pirhana, and the ever-amazing Junkz. (Veenyle CR, Quibik, Fuzz, Tremorh ... if Gil ever gets back in the mix, gah.) ... I'm hoping the new list will shake it up a little, but as of yet, same olf same old.

offline 1san Imperator Black Sea Piranas
Wednesday 17/07/2013, 05:33

Here's what I'd like to see:

Bring back:
Lamar Cr - Not looking that OP anymore, a decent trade off would be to send Marina packing.
Rowdy - Rowdy is deserves some limelight every few years, trade him in for Qubik.
Smokey Cr - Stalfhaust is comparable, and I don't seem to have trouble with that card. Would be interesting to see smokey cr plays against the new clans.

Staff Ban:
Marina - This card is good....real good. Banned like literally every other week, sometimes back to back.
Clover - In my opinion very broken. Barley any card gets by this, plus 5 flipping damage?
Mechakolos - I haven't seen this card played at all, but I'm sure it would get banned sooner or later.
Qubik - Really good, again just give rowdy a month or two...see how it pans out.
Taljion - This is probably the best 3 star elo legal card, and would make fair game for Smokey.

The only other things I'd like to say is
1) Give Sentinel a 7/1 2 star with Copy Opp Bonus, this clan is dead since Lehane kicked the bucket.
2) Replace Mona asap.
3) Frozn is lacking a really good 2 star.
4) Berzerk should get a Reprisal DR.

offline Fanta Pants Guru TRiNiTY
Thursday 18/07/2013, 05:01


Lamar Cr is too strong and would create a huge imbalance. If you have Lamar Cr and then he becomes Elo legal you have the best All Star card to abuse while his price triples (Only slight over the top). Lamar Cr's ban is historic and removing it would destroy the market and give players who already own it a huge advantage so we won't unban it.

Rowdy is the only semi reasonable unban you propose but still a terrible idea. He's in a strong clan which would become the dominant force in Elo. You say it's a fair trade for qubik but I disagree. 1 extra damage can cause an Elo ban (Striker and Alexei) and has a dominating ability that forks the game forcing you to pill an extra 4 on a 6 power card to beat him with no investment.

Sure give back the single best Piranas 3* that can be used in a half deck. Stalfhaust is no where near as good. 1 power difference and IMO a better attacking bonus means he is significantly better.

As for Bans

Marina: Plausible
Clover: Meh. Not a huge offensive threat uranus get's the same and doesn't need a clan bonus to be effective. Good card I'll admit but probably doesn't need a ban.
Mechakolos: Just give it time
Qubik: Good but not OP doesn't centralize the meta game so leave him.
Taljion-: So give them a half deck playable card that's better than him in mono anyway, definitely doesn't need the ban.

Agree with most of the suggestions for cards.

offline Icarus Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Monday 22/07/2013, 11:39

So how are you going to fix the mechakolos + xu52 madness? also the sentinel scarcity because of lehane ban?

mind you guys...
About the lamar cr unban. Pretty sure heartnett was made for a reason,
Clover was made to replace muze. Card's dealable. Pussycats are meant for defense anyway

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