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Tuesday 04/06/2013, 06:23

Aight the thread in the staff announcement is too much, ill start a new one.

blaastar cr: WHY?! firstly, Cr, not everyone has it so those who have it should be able to use it. beeboy is a WAYY better option for a ban, for there are quite a few 5* bangers, bad choice.

grudj: ok kinda weird but i understand a lot of 4*s for replacement

troompah: good ban

bristone: ..... gheist are kinda dead? that was like the only Dr they had, bad bad choice, should have taken like xu52.

avola: yah makes sense.

mona: i dont know... shes not THAT powerful, but montana sure has replacements.

jeena: well kinda weird she was only a defender... but ok its alright

gertjan: FINALLY, finally yah this guy should not live.

uranus: yes yes take this bad boy out.

greem: weird, but i guess makes sense greem makes game very dicey.... but okok they have replacements, and snowflake gets the job done too.

arkn: yah he wasnt that powerful, deserves the unban, but not really necessary ghesit has quite a few 2*s.

olga: ...what?! shes soo powerful, should have been replaced with something slightly weaker.

elvira: i dont know... rescue are RIGHT back into elo, top tier now, they have EVERYTHING. bad choice

yookie: debatable... he was really powerful, but yah replaces jeena. its fine.


beeboy: as stated

dorian: not insanely powerful, but there are decent replacements in clan.

what do you guys think?

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Saturday 15/06/2013, 08:04

Dorian smiley

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