available Saga Admin The Royal Knights
Thursday 13/06/2013, 16:52

Two new challengers have stepped into the ring and thrown some Huracans to the floor!

Beginning Friday, June 14 at 18h - midnight.

Come and take part in the show !

offline Thoazol Moderator Wise Men Distracted
Tuesday 18/06/2013, 09:39

@Alien Elite
The coliseum was a bust, so they probably won't award any of the prizes. smiley

offline m2m2 Senior  
Tuesday 18/06/2013, 12:33

How about just give this prizes? (for their efforts) smiley
From rank 1 to rank 150, the player(s) will receive Credits : 10.
From rank 1 to rank 500, the player(s) will receive Clintz : 2000.
From rank 151 to rank 1500, the player(s) will receive Credits : 5.
From rank 501 to rank 3000, the player(s) will receive Clintz : 1000.

offline yourMast3r Colossus Deus eX Machina
Wednesday 19/06/2013, 12:03

Unfair point system I agree
but unfair also not to give any prices to those who tried it
You can compensate by giving only clint prizes for example

offline K1NG_PWN4GzZz Colossus TrAitorzZz
Wednesday 19/06/2013, 14:35

Checking if there was something known about my price since I haven't gotten it yet...smiley

then I see this thread/ threat...smiley
failing people who need to fix matches to win smiley
real pathetic smiley

but thanks!!! smiley
for wasting 3 hours on friday for nothing smiley
I actually canceled some stuff to complete the coliseum matches

why am I being punished for idiots fixing matches???
yow battery, redo mine in your own time man, wtf?

I mean... couldn't someone have seen someone was fixing his matches, since he was at an idiotic high with only 16 matches played????
Come on, intervene, punish THAT player, not me!!! smiley

and then again, don't award idiotic amounts of points for timing out
I mean 17 points??? just award points for a normal win
and deduct that idiotic amount of the player who timed
there, problem solved, is it SO difficult?? smiley smiley

really great UR! smiley
real amateuristic.. smiley

offline UM-omom Imperator  
Friday 21/06/2013, 03:19

Wait so nobody received their prizes? Did I miss something?

offline Myeltd Titan Limit Break
Friday 21/06/2013, 03:32

They created a game mode that "they" thought was good. It was riddled with dozens of flaws and only benefitted cheaters. They kept the game mode despite everyone hating it. What part did you miss?

offline TheDoomBug Colossus Limit Break
Friday 21/06/2013, 03:52

I don't think everyone hates it, but it does have quite a bit of error in it. They're keeping it because they're trying to fix those flaws. The variable rules system is cool, but a single mistake from who's in charge of inputs can wreck the entire event. The play window is still too small for an international game (and the fight limit is a much fairer restriction), but they can't just jump straight to day long events, they have to work their way up to that.

The cheating is troublesome issue to be sure. It needs to be able to punish quitting and TOing without penalizing the receiver of said behavior and also avoid giving too much to them. Maybe making it so the quitter/time outer loses points and counts as a match for them, but the "winner" doesn't net any points nor counts as a match (the quit match wastes their time, but not their position). Perhaps giving a point or two (depending on event) to normal match loss to make quitting even less appealing. I don't know about programming, so I have no idea if this scheme is actually possible or reasonable for the staff.

offline K1NG_PWN4GzZz Colossus TrAitorzZz
Friday 21/06/2013, 09:31

The Coliseum mode, is in my honest opinion, one of the best modes ever created by UR
It's inventive, it's cool and it gives players yet another chance to get CR's
It brings eventplay to the masses and it gives us an opportunity to test out some wild decks ideas
For me it also gives me an opportunity to shake the dust of cards I haven't used in a looooooong time.

It goes wrong when the masses get "punished" for the workings of several cheaters
I think that people like me, who gave it their all and played fair should get the prices they deserve and played hard for to get
that's where my beef comes fro'; I feel cheated out my rightly deserved price

So I'd propose wat m2m2 is saying in post 52
and leave the card rewards out.

To finish it off;
- a real great mode!!!
- good idea and I love it
- looking forward to the next one!!!!

so please UR learn from mistakes made (as you've always proven you do) implement the right changes and let's go!!

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Friday 21/06/2013, 12:34

"I actually canceled some stuff to complete the coliseum matches"

Please never let an online game get in the way of real life.

offline Thoazol Moderator Wise Men Distracted
Friday 21/06/2013, 12:48

So you're saying we should all quit so your job is easier and you can collect all the prizes? Just because we're treated like idiots doesn't mean we are them. smiley

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