offline Saga Admin La Congrégation de l'Ombre
Thursday 13/06/2013, 16:52

Two new challengers have stepped into the ring and thrown some Huracans to the floor!

Beginning Friday, June 14 at 18h - midnight.

Come and take part in the show !

offline K1NG_PWN4GzZz Colossus TrAitorzZz
Wednesday 26/06/2013, 22:28

"Sorry if my comment upset you I just trying to be friendly and helpful."

I know, that's how you come across smiley
thanks and no prob, apology accepted smiley
keep up the good work

available (((-))) Colossus Open Casket
Wednesday 26/06/2013, 22:32

Years and years on this game and I am still amazed that not one person has either said: @(((-))) your are wrong, based on your assumption of the rules you are incorrect and the prizes won't be awarded according to your calculation) Or had said: @(((-))) your are correct, based on your calculation prizes will be awarded like that) it's so funny one person actually copied the rules and posted them like I had not already read them but never answered my question.. But who cares now anyways the damn event is over and with my luck I will be bumped if my spot by at least 200 spots and ill get a fully evolved Negodz as my prize !!!! Lmao

available Thoazol Moderator Wise Men Distracted
Wednesday 26/06/2013, 22:50

They meant French time, but gave it as GMT +1, right? That's half of the error, and other half is a non-ur related site that didn't account France being an hour ahead of the time because of DST.

Basically, always look for the French time and not GMT +1.

offline Misaki Tokura Colossus THE_POWER
Thursday 27/06/2013

Maybe they should insert a clock or countdown on the coliseum site? that could help by the timezone problems smiley°

offline LF-Shivanshu Titan lonely fighters
Thursday 27/06/2013, 09:00

I hope we get prizes this time ....

offline Cagliostro13 Imperator Perfect Little Dream
Thursday 27/06/2013, 09:27

So does ANYONE knows, can we check our scores somewhere ? and our ranking too ?

offline Misaki Tokura Colossus THE_POWER
Thursday 27/06/2013, 10:56

The Game -> Game Mode -> Coliseum -> Ranking -> Search your name to know how many pointz you have -> Search the Ranking for the number of your pointz

offline Cagliostro13 Imperator Perfect Little Dream
Thursday 27/06/2013, 11:02

I really dont see that Misaki, but thank you anyway, I searched that way and all I can see is Coliseum -> Rules....

offline Cagliostro13 Imperator Perfect Little Dream
Thursday 27/06/2013, 11:03

Im sorry, found it now... Thank you for your help bro

offline handlez Imperator ArcanaTheGuild
Thursday 27/06/2013, 12:11

Why i got rank 88 then recieved 5 credit and 2000 clintz ?

why not 10 credit ?

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