Friday 14/06/2013, 18:01

All of them are full but I have 150 for Trade.

I value each Grudj at about 5.8k though as you buy more or trade more I can lower that down to about 5.4k for bulk trades/ sales!

Friday 14/06/2013, 21:04

I value them at 5k a head 5k a head
so my 640 Titsouk for your 55 Grudj ?

Saturday 15/06/2013, 04:19

I have no need to trade down for lower value cards I need cash or higher valued cards preferably. Also lowest market is 5.5k so me going down to 5.4k makes you a profit in itself. (15k for all of them in extra profit)

Saturday 15/06/2013, 05:07

0xp or full?

Saturday 15/06/2013, 05:18

Full , they are going to drop like a rock pm me when they're under 5k smiley

Saturday 15/06/2013, 05:32

Oh yeah all full drup, nvm
good luck

Saturday 15/06/2013, 14:48

I don't see them as dropping as I see them as a potential CR investment along with GHEIST. I will do 5.4k each in PS or 5.15K in Secure Trade.

Please no offers of 4.5k each cash that is unreasonable and rude.

Saturday 15/06/2013, 15:01

I will accept 750k secure trade for the lot of them. Or about 800k in trade.

Saturday 15/06/2013, 15:16

They are 4.7k on the market smiley

Saturday 15/06/2013, 16:43

Im sorry that I dont view the 2 odd ball prices of 4.5k, 4.8k as the sales price seeing how I have 150. With the price rising to 5.6k+ within the first 10 on the market. I feel that asking 750k for all of them in secure trade is a very fair price as it comes out to 5.25k each which only 4 on the market are cheaper than that. If I sold every card I had at lowest market every time I wouldn't have the Grudj I have now.


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