offline Akire_ Novice  
Wednesday 02/01/2008, 10:11

Deadline: January 7,2008 Monday
reserve price: 38000 (as you can see a vickie is worth like 17k or 18k at max and chloe is worth more or less 9k)
starting bid: 15000

*well i accept any offer(even cards)
*actually i have 2 max vickie and 1 0xp vickie, if you want the 0xp tell me
*chloe is maxxed

offline five3890 Senior  
Friday 04/01/2008, 19:25

Ill buy chloe 1000

offline Baron Brixius Legend  
Friday 04/01/2008, 19:39

What the hell... just but em off market for cheaper, what is the point of paying more for the same thing????

offline Bralbuc Titan  
Saturday 05/01/2008, 01:38

2 vickie s: 31000

offline Akire_ Novice  
Saturday 05/01/2008, 10:11

Actually Chloe is 8k smiley
and Vickie is ranging from 16-18k

offline Akire_ Novice  
Sunday 06/01/2008, 04:42

0LET_QJON & 0raynos evo are both leading,. anymore bids?smiley

offline Akire_ Novice  
Sunday 06/01/2008, 12:05

The deadline is almost up smileysmileysmiley
and so anymore offers/bids?

offline Akire_ Novice  
Sunday 06/01/2008, 22:24

*bump* smiley

offline Akire_ Novice  
Tuesday 08/01/2008, 02:27

Please close this, it did not reach my reserve price

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