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Friday 28/06/2013, 18:03

The list of DT penalties list will be updated on Monday, July 1st 2013.


Please find the provisional list of characters penalised in DTs below:

-10 pts

Leader : Ambre

Leader : Hugo

Leader : Eklore

Leader : Morphun

Leader : Eyrik

All Stars : Lamar Cr

Junkz : DJ Korr Cr

La Junta : General Cr

Montana : Lyse Teria Cr

Montana : Vickie Cr

Nightmare : Kolos

Rescue : Marco Cr

Rescue : Alec Cr

Roots : Kiki Cr

Sakrohm : GraksmxxT

Sakrohm Guru Cr

Uppers : Jackie Cr

-5 pts

Bangers : Beeboy

Bangers : Shann

Berzerk : Spyke

GHEIST : Rolph


Jungo : Askai

Junkz : Haze

Junkz : Gil

La Junta : Emeth

La Junta : Naginata

La Junta : Raven

Montana : Avola

Nightmare : Ghumbo

Piranas : Lizbeth

Rescue : Cliff

Rescue : Sledg

Roots : Lou

Roots : Shakra

Sentinel : Copper

Sentinel : Hawk

Skeelz : Caelus Cr

Uppers : Dorian

Uppers : Herman

Uppers : Zatman

Ulu Watu : Tanaereva Cr

Vortex : Naele

-2 pts :

No more, for now.

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offline Moe2000 Senior  
Wednesday 26/06/2013, 20:53

Thoasol@ So if i wanted to use dragan cr or tessa cr i would get -550 points. Genius idea

offline Thoazol Moderator Wise Men Distracted
Wednesday 26/06/2013, 20:56

To a maximum of 10 points or something. Just a thought.

offline Onihi Guru  
Wednesday 26/06/2013, 20:58

So do you suggest that ambre the card that we can say its an instant win if you are not totaly stupyd get -10 points
And Praxie witch not even has minus point and not even elo band lets say its not a very dangerous card will get -12 point
or Marina witch is a very good card but not that good to get -19 point. or mona witch is not a big dill any more i think -20 Point.

Please think before write.

offline Thoazol Moderator Wise Men Distracted
Wednesday 26/06/2013, 21:00

I would have suggested removing Ambre from the game entirely, but that probably wouldn't turn out too well.

offline Myeltd Titan Limit Break
Wednesday 26/06/2013, 21:04

Either that or forcing everyone who uses ambre to wear a chastity belt. Let them use her, but for god sakes, don't let them breed!

offline Onihi Guru  
Wednesday 26/06/2013, 21:26

I think removeing ambre its not a valid solution.

I thing the modification of the card ability would be a good solution and acceptable for the players whom has this card. I see some way to make ambre a useable but not owerpowerd Leader.

for example:
team: +1 pow max 8 (a negative of Eyrik)

team: confidance +3 pow max 8

team courage +3 pow max 7

any opinion?

offline Moe2000 Senior  
Wednesday 26/06/2013, 23:06

Number 3 Loooool max 7 you mad XD

offline Onihi Guru  
Wednesday 26/06/2013, 23:37

Ok the 7 wasn't realy a good idea but the concept was that, an acceptable max value for ambere can solve the problem without remove ambre from the game or make it totaly unplayable.

offline Myeltd Titan Limit Break
Wednesday 26/06/2013, 23:53

So your idea on making ld's "fair" is to make them useless (but not technically "useless", just with abilities that would benefit noone using a decent deck). Weird...

As for the whole "are leaders fair" debate, I'd suggest looking at hurican/frozn. When they first came out, everyone said that both those clans were insanely cheap due to their bonus. Then as more cards from their clans came out, we found out that both were shoddy at best and suffered from too many faults to be considered "usable". With leaders, we're still sorta into the first part of this due to the low number of them (10 currently). If they truly want to make leaders "fair" and "playable" without removing them/nerfind them, then they need to add more to balance out their clan as a whole.

offline HinoShimna Guru  
Thursday 27/06/2013, 00:33

Why do you think a maximum for ambre make it useless? for example a +3 max 7 or 8. 7 or 8 power is a decent power for any card but you will prevent to make a 10/12 Kolos or a 13/6 kalindra and so but help clans with low pow (allstar, nightmare, uppers).

Of course if you want to use as an instant win card you are true but just loosers want to play like that and this was the main problem.

I'm not agree because you can make the clans as balanced as you want a courage +3 pow always be a something that you can't balanced.
If you add any other leaders to your deck its make it a little more power full but if you don't use your brain they are useless and they backfired on you. But when you use ambre you don't have to think to win and most of the times, as an opponent, you can think as many as you want you already loos.
I think its a very big difference between ambre and the other leaders. And you can't change it with the balancing out all the clane thing.

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