offline Cakeman Icing Guru Hip Hop Messiahz
Tuesday 25/06/2013, 08:37

There seems to be alot of preset threads...Why not post them here?smiley

offline NIUGs Imperator Raven's Crew
Wednesday 27/08/2014, 00:48

Lots of green please smiley

offline 0 Chezz Guru  
Wednesday 27/08/2014, 18:06

Hi there, returning to play again after a looooot of time away, and just took the dust out of my Freaks + Pussy deck I used back in 2009 smiley

Bought some new cards that attracted my attention and looking for advice on which deck would be better for ELO play:


Would be glad to hear some advice from top players. Thx!!

offline EAClintFighter Guru  
Tuesday 02/09/2014, 01:33

Kerry work around...

offline joseph_27 Imperator DL's Knights
Tuesday 02/09/2014, 04:26


offline Soiuku Imperator Harbingers of Ares
Thursday 11/09/2014, 01:33

Hit 1305 today.
I was a bit worried about SOA so I picked Mok instead of a 7 /1 (Zero Dead ) or a somewhat flat 5/4 (Arkn )
B16 Sestra proved quite the threat card against non SOA opponents, very happy with her performance. smiley

offline TheOPG Titan Casual Grind
Thursday 11/09/2014, 04:17

I found deleted a while ago and have been playing with it. It's a pretty good deck and has versatile usage. At first I thought Flora was the sort of inflexible predictable card I don't like ala Bonnie Ld and C Wing, but she's been a pleasant surprise so far. And her + Tasty Tast is hella effective.

Also, someone tell me I'm not the only one who noticed that Flora's boobs went from "normal sized" to "holy shit you could feed a village with those things" between levels.

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