offline Cakeman Icing Guru Hip Hop Messiahz
Tuesday 25/06/2013, 08:37

There seems to be alot of preset threads...Why not post them here?smiley

offline TheOPG Titan Casual Grind
Tuesday 16/09/2014, 00:25

's good. You might want to swap one of the Jessies with Stacey for some walling potential, but it's still very good.

offline TheOPG Titan Casual Grind
Friday 19/09/2014, 05:04

Oh, that is nasty. I'd swap out Beauregard for Nahema because bricks, but I can see his role in it, providing pills for the power-reliant cards.

offline SYG_Nightmare Senior  
Friday 19/09/2014, 06:26

I actually use him as a fork, most players fall into the trao , but ill try nahema

offline Soiuku Imperator Harbingers of Ares
Saturday 20/09/2014, 16:08

This will be my next ELO week deck, I've tested it a little bit and it works nicely.

offline TheOPG Titan Casual Grind
Sunday 21/09/2014, 18:28

When Pilzken was banned I came up with the deck deleted, and I came up with another for when Tuck is unbanned: preset=2775588. I don't know if you'll notice, but I have much more La Junta than Roots, so I'll try and pick up some more playable Roots and mix them in.

offline TheOPG Titan Casual Grind
Sunday 21/09/2014, 18:31

Arg, mistyped the link. Let's try this: deleted.

offline NIUGs Imperator Raven's Crew
Friday 26/09/2014, 18:13

Precisi Sette Da

offline TheOPG Titan Casual Grind
Friday 26/09/2014, 18:22

I would love to use that deck in Elo, but I only have Morphun smiley

offline Jarlbank Senior  
Sunday 28/09/2014, 22:56

A deck I made, looking for suggestions. Thanks

offline TheOPG Titan Casual Grind
Monday 29/09/2014, 02:58

Since I couldn't run with Pilzken + Isatis like every other noob, I'm actually going to try something new and experiment. In doing so, I got deleted.

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