offline Cakeman Icing Guru Hip Hop Messiahz
Tuesday 25/06/2013, 08:37

There seems to be alot of preset threads...Why not post them here?smiley

offline TheOPG Titan Casual Grind
Monday 06/10/2014, 03:36

Seems a bit ... fragile? Maybe Lady -> Magnar and Mindy -> Pegh?

Nice to see Bridge there as well. I haven't had a chance to use him in a game and I wasn't a big fan of him at first, but he's looking better and better every time I see him.

offline J amox Titan Open Casket
Saturday 01/11/2014, 13:04


Almost same deck as above, but with wonald - esmeralda and redra - kent for attack manip smiley

offline Nakedsquirrel Titan  
Saturday 01/11/2014, 14:03

@Jamox360 I am actually playtesting Kent over Redra but I would never replace Wonald for Esmerelda he is too good!

offline TheOPG Titan Casual Grind
Sunday 09/11/2014, 04:36

I honestly have no idea if deleted is good or not, but I liked the idea of Huracan + Ray so I went for it.

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